Refrain Manual Statements, Shootup the Accuracy

Free up 34% of Financial workload by Demystify Accounting with A Click!

REDA Accounting tools are designed to provide increased efficiency, improved accuracy, real-time reporting, cost savings, enhanced security, and better compliance. McKinsey Global Institute says automation will free up 34 % of a financial manager’s workload, resulting in more time for strategic activities.

Purchase orders

Go paperless with Reda - automated purchase order feature provides increased efficiency, better tracking and management of inventory and expenses, and reduced errors and fraud.

It takes just one click!  


Time Saved Is The Time Gained In construction- Streamline the creation, delivery, and payment of invoices- Automated invoicing results in improved efficiency, accuracy, and cash flow management. 

Goldman Sachs estimates that a mid-size business spends $16 to process a single invoice. Automated AP solutions offer a way to offset the costs, reducing them to under $6 per invoice, a net savings of roughly 60-70%

The result is -Timely payments + Updated Records + Happy Suppliers = On-time Project Completions!

Payables & Disbursement

Reduce Errors, Improved Cash flow
Timely Payments of outstanding debts & financial obligations to suppliers create goodwill in the market.

REDA automation in payables and disbursements offers benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced errors and fraud, improved cash flow management, better vendor relationships, and enhanced financial reporting and analysis.

Just a click and it's done

Billings & Receivables

Simplify the process of creating & sending invoices, receiving & applying payments, and managing vendor/supplier accounts- with REDA

It is one of our best features as you don’t have to flip pages to search for the bills and requests of payments - No juggling and shuffling with the documents needed - Just install REDA, and the rest will be taken care of

General Ledger

Check Your Financial Health With A Click!

REDA General Ledger feature provides a central accounting record - A summarized financial transaction of all the payments done and received- It provides a complete picture of projects' financial health and updates on business performance.

It is the only automated tool that provides even the minutest accounting function at the user’s fingertip.

According to a survey by Sage, 44% of construction companies said that automating accounting processes leads to more timely financial reporting.

With REDA, don’t worry about missing out on any financial details- access all essential info on a single accounting dashboard.

Bank Reconciliation Automation

100% Accurate results received while comparing the bank statements with accounting records with REDA.

REDA features a special operation to match and reconcile a company's bank statements with its accounting records, reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Electronic Payments & Receipts

Secured, Faster, and Quick electronic payments with REDA-Electronic Payments & Receipts feature of REDA offers benefits such as

  • increased efficiency,

  • improved cash flow management,

  • reduced costs,

  • enhanced security,

  • greater convenience,

  • improved vendor/supplier relationships

Enjoy the flawless payment optionsin just a blink of eye with REDA.

Financial Statements

Timely And Error-Free Automated Financial Statements

With a friend like REDA, you can automatically generate financial statements, save time, reduce errors, and get more accurate and timely financial information for firm decision-making.

Leave accounting on REDA and focus on your strategic business operations.

Approval Workflows

Streamline your approval process with REDA

It aids in reducing delays and errors, provides better communication and collaboration, and enhances efficiency and accountability of the whole accounting process for construction businesses.

The stats show that the contractor’s job site experienced a 12% reduction in rework hours, whereas a study by Accenture found that 80% of construction companies said that they plan to increase their use of automation and artificial intelligence in financial managementAutomation in construction + Streamlined workflow= Increased ROI