Priortizing Values, Not Just Expense.

Increase Your Chances by 63% To Stay Within Budget with Reda!

REDA Budget Management tools are designed for balancing resources with priorities to achieve financial goals with just a click

Create project budgets in one click

A combination of standardization and AI is simply - Awesome!

Out of the box, REDA construction automatically generates the budget as per the data uploaded under different heads. One can even transfer the amount from one location to another by creating a request on the portal – thus savings tons of hours. Just scroll through a ready AI-driven budget with 100% accuracy.  

With the involvement of automation in construction - firms have, in some cases, saved $80,000 per significant process.

One-click operation -  To check an approved amount under various heads in a project - it takes just a click !

Budget Head Management

REDA helps optimize resource allocation and achieve timely financial targets- it checks for all tasks under different budget heads and then calculates and updates the present status as per your need through AI Automation.

The result - 
Updated and Vigilant You + Transparency in expenditures = 100% satisfied contractors and you

Automated Budget Tracking & Controls

Enjoy real-time visibility and proactive management of financial performance with REDA.
With REDA, one can check the real-time status of the approved amount under different heads, along with the spending history.

A Dodge Data & Analytics study found that construction companies using technology solutions for budget management are more likely to complete projects on time and within budget. Among firms that use such solutions, 58% reported completing projects on or ahead of schedule, compared to 28% of firms that do not use technology solutions.

Restrict the flow of money into unknown areas and stay updated about every penny being spent efficiently with REDA.

Draw Requests Management

Improving accuracy and reducing processing time to avoid delays in approval of Escrow amount transfers and many more.

With just a click, you can create requests for drawing and approving amounts under different heads. No hustles in the absence of a person - it can be approved from mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

Additional Budget Request Approvals

Be Smart With REDA

Automation empowers faster decision-making and enhances project financial control & much more. With REDA construction, get budget request approvals anytime and anywhere - if the budget in some head is falling short, an additional amount can be requested and approved digitally!

In a survey conducted by Software Advice, a software advisory firm, 78% of construction professionals said that using budgeting software improved their ability to track expenses, and 63% said it improved their ability to stay within budget.

With REDA, you put your time & money to the highest best use by quickly leveraging budget allocations, transfers & various other budget-related AI tools.

Budget Contingency Management

Calculate Risk In A Risk-Free Way With REDA

According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global construction management software market is expected to reach $7.8 billion by 2025, driven in part by increased adoption of automated budget management tools

REDA Construction gives an exact estimation of your project keeping in mind the indirect cost, direct cost, administration, land & property, and most important, risk allowance (The uncertainties)