Interact And Stay Informed Securely

Manage And Secure Your Stuff With Ease!

REDA client portal is a secure online platform that allows businesses to interact and share information with their clients securely and conveniently. Manage projects, share files, communicate with clients, and provide access to critical information such as invoices, contracts, and project timelines.

Configurable portal builder & workflows

REDA configurable portal builder and workflows help construction businesses in creating customized client portals, automate workflows, and improve data security.

It provides customization, workflow automation, integration, scalability, and data security, helping construction businesses streamline their operations, improve communication with clients, and build stronger relationships with their clients

Integrated CRM & accounting

REDA is a boon for construction businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve communication with clients through a client portal.

Improve communication with clients, streamline billing and invoicing, increase efficiency, and enhance project management for construction businesses through a REDA client portal.

Automate client services

REDA client portal feature provides construction businesses with a better experience for clients, reduces manual effort, and improves efficiency by using technology tools such as chatbots, self-service portals, and AI-powered customer service.

REDA helps improve communication with clients by using chatbots or Salesforce CHATTER to provide instant answers to common questions or setting up self-service portals that allow people to access project information and updates anytime, anywhere

Client Service Console

REDA helps in managing client interactions and requests from a single, centralized location. It typically includes features such as a dashboard for tracking inquiries and requests, tools for responding to inquiries, and analytics for tracking behavior and feedback.

Join hands with REDA to improve client satisfaction, increase efficiency, enhance communication, better manage supplier/vendor data, and improve collaboration among team members.

Real-time notifications

REDA client portal is a valuable tool for construction businesses looking to improve communication and collaboration with clients and team members. By providing instant alerts or updates that are sent automatically to relevant parties when certain events or changes occur in a project.

Stay on top of project updates, issues, and safety concerns, improving communication and collaboration while reducing delays and risks with REDA out-of-the-box features.

Rapid change deployment & enhancements

Stay competitive, improve agility, innovation, customer satisfaction, and efficiency, and meet the evolving needs of clients and the industry with REDA. Client portal features of REDA quickly implement changes to business processes, technology, and operations in response to market trends and client demands.

Out-of-the-box support for No-Code workflow builder

Increase productivity, streamline processes, enhance collaboration, improve data management, and reduce costs for construction businesses with REDA out-of-the-box support No-code workflow builder.

Knowledge base

REDA provides employees with easy access to relevant information, helping them make informed decisions and perform their job responsibilities more effectively.