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Collaboration Enablement made wise with Salesforce Chatter!

REDA salesforce chatter streamlines and enhances collaboration among individuals and teams, facilitating communication, knowledge sharing, and teamwork


Be Omnipresentand Chat With Chatter Anytime and Anywhere!

REDA Salesforce Chatter social networking tool allowsemployees to connect and collaborate on projects, share files and updates, andstay up-to-date on company news and announcements.  

By enablingemployees to collaborate more efficiently, Salesforce Chatter can increaseproductivity by up to 20%

One click operation -  
To convert an approved estimate into autoscheduled & assigned tasks under a project - it takes just one click!

Increased productivity

By streamlining real-time communication and collaboration,REDA can help teams get more done in less time

Companies that use Salesforce Chatter report a 38%increase in employee engagement

Improved Realtime collaboration

With REDA Salesforce Chatter, team members can work together more easily and efficiently, leading to better teamwork and increased productivity.

Chatter users have created over 10 million groups, which are used for collaboration on specific projects, teams, or topics.

Over 70% of Chatter users access the platform through mobile devices, indicating the importance of mobile access in modern collaboration tools.

Enhanced Real-time communication

REDA collaboration tools can help ensure that team members are always on the same page, with up-to-date information and clear communication channels.

Salesforce Chatter can reduce email traffic by up to 30%.

Companies that use Chatter report an average increase in employee engagement of 34%.

REDA Salesforce Chatter can be accessed through the mobile app, enabling employees to collaborate and stay up-to-date on-the-go

Better decision-making

By facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing, REDA collaboration tools help teams make better decisions faster.

Companies that use Salesforce Chatter report a 27% increase in sales productivity.

72% of organizations using Chatter reported that it has improved their ability to make informed decisions.

Increased innovation

By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, REDA collaboration tools help teams generate new ideas and solutions that might not have emerged otherwise.In a survey of Salesforce customers, 75% reported that Chatter has improved their innovation ability.63% of employees at companies that use Chatter reported feeling more empowered to innovate.

56% of companies that use Chatter have implemented employee-generated ideas as part of their innovation strategy.
Chatter has been shown to improve cross-functional collaboration, which can lead to more innovative solutions and ideas