Take REDA On The Go!

Reimagine your construction process with the power of mobility at your fingertips with REDA

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Mobile App - iOS & Android

REDA Construction mobility solutions increase productivity, provide real-time updates, improve accuracy, facilitate better collaboration, and result in cost savings for construction businesses.

It provides users with access to their REDA Salesforce data on the go, enabling them to manage their tasks, contacts, and deals from anywhere.

The mobile app offers real-time updates, offline access, and voice-activated commands, allowing users to stay productive even when not connected to the internet. 

Additionally, the mobile app is customizable, allowing users to tailor it to their specific needs and preferences.

Mobile Friendly customizable user interface

REDA mobile-friendly customizable user interface benefits field workers, allowing them to access critical information such as project plans, schedules, and budgets from their mobile devices while on-site. 

The responsive interface ensures that the information is displayed correctly. The customizable user interface lets workers personalize the app to their specific needs and preferences, improving their user experience and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, REDA helps reduce errors and delays caused by outdated or inaccurate information. 

It helps construction companies to streamline their operations and improve their project outcomes.

Integrated Geo Location Management

REDA helps in managing and tracking field operations in real-time by utilizing geo-location data, allowing companies to monitor their field personnel and equipment, track project progress, and manage inventory levels, all while optimizing their use of resources.

With REDA-integrated geo-location management, construction companies make better decisions, minimize delays and errors, and improve overall project efficiency. 

Additionally, the technology helps construction companies identify risk areas, monitor safety compliance, and ensure that workers are operating in the correct location. 

One can complete inspections on the go by just click, paste, and send operations from any android, or ios devices !

It provides valuable insights into their operations, resulting in improved productivity, better decision-making, and reduced costs.