Be A Pro, On The Go

Stay Omni-Present WithMulti-faceted Communication!

REDA communication tools are designed in a way that businesses can dointernal communication or interact with a client through the channel of theirchoice and receive a consistent experience, regardless of the channel theychoose like Email, SMS, Whats app, Telephony, Chatbots, etc., providing quickresponses and delightful project outcomes.

Centralized Communication

REDA turns maintainingcoordination among team members Incredibly seamless!

Out of the box, REDAconstruction makes external communication easy. One can communicate in real-time usingv arious options like chatbots, e-mail, sms, Whatsapp, telephony, and even customizeas needed.

Communication Templates

Improve communication with concise yet clear messaging templates!

REDA smartly tailored communication templatesstreamline sending consistent and professional messages while saving time and effort.

Spontaneous Messaging + Swift reverts = 100% Efficient client service

Say NO to email - for internal communications-

Go break free from the clutter of endless emails and embrace more efficient and engaging ways to communicate with your team with REDA Salesforce CHATTTER.

Chatter's mobile app enable steams to stay connected and productive on the go, from any device.

REDA eliminates the need for back-and-for th emails and reduces the risk of miscommunication.

Out of box Sync with Microsoft Outlook & Services

REDA Effortlessly synchronizes and manages construction projects with Out of box integration between construction software and Microsoft Outlook & Services.Now with REDA, construction teams can access project information and collaborate with team members from within the tools they already use everyday. One of the great features we curated is syncing and updating all the data and information in Microsoft outlook & services - it saves time accumulating and creating various project reports. The data gets picked up automatically and the sheets get updated as needed.This Real-time syncing allows quick and accurate updates to project timelines, schedules, and tasks, improving project delivery and client satisfaction

Out of box Sync with GoogleServices

Promote Transparency And Trust Within team and Client With REDA provision of google synced services

REDA Integration with Google Services, such as Google Drive and Google Calendar, provides construction teams with a centralized platform for project documents, schedules, video conferencing, and document collaboration tools.

With REDA you can never miss on the real-time updates on your eminent construction project