Digitize, Improvise, And Reduce Paper Waste

Uniquely go Paperless!

REDA automation tool is designed to reduce waste, increase efficiency, improve stakeholder collaboration, and maintain a sustainable future ahead.

DOC Template

REDA Paperless workflow has a feature of DOC templates- it includes a set of predefined elements such as formatting, styles, headings, and placeholders for text, images, and other content.

It uses the doc to update the form and generate electronic signatures to be put on virtual forms like agreements, MOU, etc.

REDA paperless workflow generates templates for real-time usage.

A report by Templafy found that using document templates can reduce formatting errors by up to 80%.

In a survey of small businesses, 66% of respondents reported that they use document templates to create business documents.

Reduce errors with REDA One-click operation !

Automated Forms

With REDA enjoy the feature of automated filling up of forms and docs!

Through the form updated on the software the process of automatically filling up the form can be initiated along with an electronic signature.

Send, create, modify, and check docs' real-time status with REDA

Enjoy capturing data from Automated forms and reduce the errors while copying!

A study by the Aberdeen Group found that companies with standardized document templates can reduce the time required to create a document by up to 30%