Build accuracy into every estimate!

Reduce up to 60% of project estimation time with REDA.

Project estimations with REDA empowers you to do accurate estimates, setting realistic schedules, resource allocations & risk assessments to deliver your projects within budget, cost & timelines.

Standarise labor & material costs

With REDA - Construction, standardise, monitor, optimise your cost heads to improve efficiencies, reporting, trend analysis & cost reductions.

Manage your contractors & suppliers like never before -

REDA out of the box contract management allows you to consume pre-negotiated rates with your suppliers or vendors while doing estimations. Share project requests, analyse variances, manage approvals, legal compliances & much more.. with REDA process builder, Contractor portals and paperless workflow automations.

The result - Efficient you + Happy Contractors = Joy of working !

Template driven estimate calculations

Create, use and re-use estimations templates to streamline the estimating process and more importantly - improve accuracy. 

REDA smart estimation templates handles all complexities to allow manage contingent variables, dependent tasks and scheduling automations - all in one intutive, simple & easy steps.  

Share estimates with your clients & contractors

One click share your estimates for review, acceptance, approvals or assignments with clients, contractors or your team members!Ensure greater compliance & collaboration with e-forms, e-signatures and portals for your clients as well as contractors.

Streamline your estimation steps

Automate redundant, mundane tasks with REDA process builder. REDA is the only construction management tool which comes with out of the box intelligent configurable process automations. The possibilities.. immense - send automated communications, create follow-up tasks, allocate resources, forecasts risks & much more ..

With REDA you put your resources & assets to highest best use by leveraging workflow automations & built in AI tools.   

Generate project schedules in one click

From estimates to project schedules - it takes just one click!REDA smart estimate & cost calculator allows you to built in contingencies for creating a project schedule & budgets from estimates with just one click. 

Further REDA centralized data design allows you to compare an original estimates to actual costs along with variance controls.

Of course! once the project schedule is created you have complete control on adjustments, monitoring & execution.

Enforce SOPs, security & compliance

REDA flexible & scalable design allows you to implement/enforce your own SOPs and ensuring compliance, to enhance your reputation by building trust with stakeholders, such as clients, employees, and suppliers.

REDA, built on Salesforce platform, is compliant with various industry standards, such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS, which help to ensure the security and privacy of customer data.