Revamp Efficiency To Amplify Outcomes.

Simplify Process To Achieve Accurate Project outcome !

REDA project execution tools are designed to have increase in productivity, boost in accuracy, better risk management, escalated collaboration, and reduced project costs and delays. Additionally, automation can help optimize project scheduling, reduce errors and rework, and provide real-time data for better decision-making.

Project Team Management

REDA Project team management includes improved communication and collaboration, increased efficiency and productivity, better task tracking and monitoring, enhanced decision-making, and reduced project costs and delays. 
Additionally, it also helps in optimizing resource allocation, improving project transparency and accountability.
Just get real-time data insights for continuous improvement with one click  REDA operations

Task Assignments

Efficiently allocate resources and streamline workflows with automated task assignments
REDA ensures that tasks are assigned to the most qualified team members-  making deadlines met on time.

Time Card Management

Track and manage the hours worked by employees on construction projects with a click!
REDA makes accurate time cards for timely payroll processing by tracking the start and end times for each workday, as well as any breaks taken in between with just a click.

Expenses Management

Boost efficiency, reduce errors and achieve financial transparency with REDA
Markets survey says the global construction accounting and project management software market size is projected to grow from $1.5 billion in 2020 to $2.5 billion by 2025. 
Grow with the most efficient and updated construction management software like no other REDA

Task Tracking

Address all issues in real-time and get the absolute client satisfaction with REDA
REDA Task Tracking feature helps in increasing productivity, improving project coordination and communication, amplifying accuracy and accountability, magnified project visibility and transparency, and the ability to identify & address issues in real-time.
A road towards better project outcomes and improved client satisfaction.

Risk Assessments

Reduce cost related risk, Increase on-time project deliveries within budget with REDA
Risk assessment with REDA includes- identifying potential risks early in the project lifecycle, authorizing proactive risk mitigation thereby reducing the likelihood of project delays or failures. It also strengthens decision-making, boosts risk management practices, and encourages project visibility and transparency. 
Improve project outcomes and deliver them timely within budget with REDA


Enjoy a one click coordination and collaboration among internal and external teams with REDA
According to a McKinsey study, automated collaboration in the construction industry improves communication, boosts team productivity, and shortens project timelines with a 75% increase in productivity and 86% reduction in rework.
Share the real-time issues and get instant  reverts from the relevant department or person at a centralized portal within a blink of eyes
Reduced errors & Reworks + Reduced project timelines + Increase cost savings = Happy Client & Better project outcomes with timely project deliveries