Stay on track, stay ahead.

Project scheduling made simple !  

REDA project scheduling tools are designed from ground-up so as you can do better cost management with reduced risks and realize better project outcomes.


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Automated AI driven project schedules

Combination of standardization and AI is simply - Awesome!
Out of the box, REDA construction auto generates project schedules based of nature of work, labor and material requirements – thus savings tons of hours by presenting a ready AI driven foundation schedule.  
One click operation - To convert an approved estimate into auto scheduled & assigned tasks under a project - it takes just one click!

Define, use & reuse project templates

Clone project templates create new projects with a single click - or much better using no-code process automation. Especially useful in creating automated work-orders and quick start a project using project templates.  
The result - Efficient you + Happy Contractors = Joy of working !

Project team management

At the end of day what matters are feet on the ground!
Create project team including your internal employees and vendors/contractors. Assign projects tasks to project team members. Monitor and report tasks progress, time cards, cost rates, expenses all in a easy to use flexible interface.

Manage  schedule like never before

Intuitive interactive Gnatt chart, real-time notifications, AI automation driven workflows, resource allocation and project dashboards - provides you complete control while doing your project schedules.One of the great features we like is creating dependency between the tasks/jobs to pre-plan for any contingencies & risks in advance.

Streamline your scheduling workflows

Automate redundant, mundane tasks with REDA process builder. REDA is the only construction management tool which comes with out of the box intelligent configurable process automations. The possibilities.. immense - send automated communications, create follow-up tasks, allocate resources, forecasts risks & much more ..With REDA you put your resources & assets to highest best use by leveraging workflow automations & built in AI tools.

Enforce SOPs, security & compliance

REDA flexible & scalable design allows you to implement/enforce your own SOPs and ensuring compliance, to enhance your reputation by building trust with stakeholders, such as clients, employees, and suppliers.
REDA, built on Salesforce platform, is compliant with various industry standards, such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS, which help to ensure the security and privacy of customer data.