Build An Estimable Rep Not Just Report

Stay At Ease With REDA Report Builder While Creating And Updating Complex Report!

REDA Report builder revolutionizes how data is processed and analyzed, leading to unprecedented accuracy, speed, and efficiency, ultimately enabling better decision-making and driving successful project outcomes.

Real time consistent reports & charts

REDA AI-powered report builder generates real-time reports and charts for construction projects, providing up-to-date and consistent information on project performance.

Create custom reports in few clicks

REDA AI-powered report builder provides a user-friendly interface that allows construction professionals to quickly and easily create customized reports with just a few clicks. 

The result - 
Efficient you + Quick you = Joy of gaining 100% Accuracy !

Advanced data filters, data grouping & sorting options

REDA report builder includes advanced data filtering, grouping, and sorting options enabling construction professionals to analyze data in various ways and draw actionable insights without a delay!

Inline data editing

In no time make updates and edits to data directly within the report builder REDA inline data editing capabilities.

Organize reports in folders & subfolders

With just drag and drop operation organize reports in folders and subfolders to improve organization and access with the REDA report builder.

According to a study by the Construction Industry Institute (CII), companies that implemented automated project reporting tools achieved an 80% improvement in productivity.

REDA uses a drag-and-drop interface to move reports into the desired location. One can create new folders and subfolders as needed and rename or delete existing folders and subfolders to keep their report library organized and up-to-date.

No Confusions+No Juggling among docs+ Quick Updates = Organized & Happy You!

Search Reports

REDA report builder has a search function to helps locating specific reports based on keywords or other search criteria without any glitches.

REDA helps search for reports related to a specific project, client, date range, or reports that contain specific information such as safety incidents or change orders. By being able to quickly find the reports construction professionals save time and make more informed decisions based on the data contained within those reports.

Quick Report Access+ Time Saving = Timely goal accomplishments!!!!!

Build intelligent dashboards

The report builder can include intelligent dashboards that provide a visual representation of project performance, enabling construction professionals to monitor and analyze trends easily.

REDA allows construction professionals to build customized dashboards that highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) such as project status, budget, schedule, and quality metrics. The dashboard displays charts, graphs, and other visual aids helping them identify real-time trends and patterns in the data.

Subscribe to report

Construction professionals can subscribe to specific reports to receive regular updates on project performance without having to manually generate and review reports.

The subscription feature REDA works by allowing users to select the report or data set they want to subscribe to and then set the frequency and delivery method for updates. Users can choose to receive updates via email, mobile app notifications, or other channels, depending on their preferences.

Export reports to Microsoft Excel & CSV

Reports generated by the AI-powered report builder can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel and CSV formats for further analysis or sharing.

The ability to export reports to Excel and CSV is a valuable feature of REDA automated report builders for construction firms, as it allows users to easily manipulate and share data contained within the reports with other stakeholders, and to perform additional analysis or create custom charts and graphs as needed.

Highly customizable

REDA’s out-of-the-box highly customizable report builder allows users to create custom calculations, formulas, and metrics that are specific to their business needs. This also helps in creating custom KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) or other metrics that are not easily available out-of-the-box in the other report builder platforms

Compliant with data access & permissions

REDA Ensures compliance with data access and permissions where there may be sensitive data related to contracts, project plans, budgets, and financial data that needs to be protected from unauthorized access.users can only access the data and reports that are relevant to their roles and responsibilities within the organization.

This helps construction firms maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and protect their clients' data.

Role-relevant reports access + Secure sensitive data = 100% client privacy maintained