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Drive productivity, accelerate innovation and empower your employees to do more anytime, anywhere with REDA Collaboration enablement technology and tools.

Powered by world’s #1 enterprise social network - Salesforce Chatter.

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Secure and Connected Website

Enterprise hosting on REDA Platform powered by Salesforce.

Imagine your website, database, CRM, marketing, content and all your operations in one centralized automated platform talking seamlessly to each other !! Imagine REDA. 

We leverage Salesforce Sites that enable you to host your branded, connected and dynamic website. Our proprietary Content Management System (CMS) and pre-built APIs not only allow rapid deployments but save you tons of hours

Embedded CRM Workflows

Simplify your web presence and improve customer experience with a website integrated with our Real Estate CRM, enabling you to deliver timely and personalized services.

Content Management

Be in complete control of your web presence with our native Content Management System (CMS). 

Manage all website content including images, text content, video, AR/VR and web forms linked to Property Management.

Dynamic Real-time Updates

No need to spend endless hours managing your asset listings with REDA. With AI powered automation, you can easily manage unit availability for leasing and all listings on your website in real-time. Capture all form data to CRM processes seamlessly without any manual intervention.

Consent and Privacy Compliance

Improve data protection, enhance transparency and trust, avoid fines and legal penalties, and better manage data subject requests with REDA. 

With inbuilt GDPR compliance measures, demonstrate your commitment to protecting the personal data of your visitors and build a stronger relationship.

Built-in SSL and Security

Powered by Salesforce, the world's foremost platform for technological innovation, REDA empowers you with state-of-the-art security protocols and encryption technologies for unparalleled data protection.

Enhance your trust and reputation by protecting sensitive information, preventing cyber attacks and improving compliance.

Web Analytics

Enjoy built-in support for Google Analytics, content views, and conversion tracking, ensuring you stay at the forefront of web presence optimization.