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REDA Connect

Unleashing the Ultimate Salesforce Solution for SMS & Whatsapp Communication

Unlock Remarkably High Engagement and Response Rates via Tailored Customer Interaction. Seamlessly Integrated into the Salesforce Ecosystem

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We're proud to introduce a revolutionary messaging app designed to seamlessly integrate with both WhatsApp and SMS, right within the Salesforce environment. Our app not only offers unparalleled connectivity but also prioritizes transparency, data security, and fair pricing.

Powerful Features. Connectivity Beyond Boundaries.

WhatsApp and SMS Integration

REDA Connect effortlessly connects with both WhatsApp and SMS, ensuring that you can engage with your audience through their preferred communication channels.

Multi-Number Management

Easily manage multiple numbers for different teams or purposes, promoting effective communication and organization.

Data Transparency

With REDA Connect, enjoy complete transparency in data handling. Your information is secure, and the app does not store any data, fostering trust and compliance.

Price Transparency

Say goodbye to hidden costs. REDA Connect ensures pricing transparency, offering fair and competitive rates without any surprises.

Quick Implementation and Rapid ROI

Get up and running with REDA Connect swiftly, leading to a quick return on investment. Our app is designed for seamless integration into your Salesforce environment.

Data Security & Permissions

Safeguard your sensitive information with robust data security measures and customizable permissions, ensuring that only authorized personnel access critical data.

Scalability & Process Automation

REDA Connect grows with your business. Enjoy scalability as your communication needs evolve, and leverage process automation to streamline workflows efficiently.

Out-of-the-Box Message Support

Whether it's text, image, voice, location, document, contact, survey, or poll, REDA Connect supports all message types.

Message Scheduling

Plan your communications with ease. REDA Connect allows you to schedule messages for timely delivery.

Template and Merge Fields Support

Streamline your messaging with templates and merge fields, ensuring consistency and personalization.

Automated Response Management

Whether it's handling inbound inquiries or managing outbound messages, our solution empowers you with automated responses. Furthermore, our system intelligently filters messages, keeping track of responses and ensuring that every interaction is managed seamlessly.

Next-Level Engagement with Chatbot Automation

Our communication solution for SMS and WhatsApp comes equipped with advanced chatbot automation, delivering smart, AI-driven interactions.

Versatile Messaging Capabilities

Real-Time Updates

Receive delivery and read updates in real-time, enhancing your engagement tracking capabilities.

Blockchain-Based Messaging Approach

Benefit from a secure and reliable messaging approach, leveraging blockchain technology for added integrity.

Bulk Messaging

Scale your communications effortlessly with REDA Connect's support for bulk messaging.

REDA Connect Feed: Impactful and Convenient

Welcome to the future of communication with REDA Connect Feed – a Conversational Inbox View that transcends traditional messaging platforms. Our feed-centric approach redefines how you engage, collaborate, and gain insights within your Salesforce environment.

Global Message Feeds

Immerse yourself in a centralized hub of communication. The Global Message Feeds feature allows you to access and engage in conversations from all channels in one unified view. Say goodbye to toggling between multiple tabs and embrace the simplicity of a single, comprehensive feed.

Recurred Feed

Never miss a beat with the Recurred Feed functionality. Stay updated on recurring messages, announcements, or essential updates that are vital to your ongoing communication strategy. This ensures that important information is consistently highlighted, keeping your team informed and aligned.

Security Data Access and Permissions

Security is our top priority. With REDA Connect Feed, you have granular control over data access and permissions. Safeguard sensitive information and ensure that only authorized individuals can access critical data within the feed, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your communications.

Data Audit Trails

Every interaction is a part of your communication story. REDA Connect Feed provides detailed Data Audit Trails, offering a comprehensive history of interactions. Trace the journey of messages, edits, and user actions, empowering you with a transparent and accountable view of your communication processes.

Reports & Dashboards

Transform data into actionable insights. Utilize our Reports and Dashboards feature to analyze communication patterns, track engagement metrics, and derive meaningful insights. Visualize your communication effectiveness, enabling data-driven decisions that optimize your messaging strategy.

REDA Connect Feed: Impactful and Convenient

Direct Connectivity, Zero Storage

REDA Connect takes your messaging experience to the next level by connecting you directly with service providers without storing any data at its end. This ensures privacy, security, and a direct line of communication that's unparalleled in the Salesforce landscape

Unmatched Cost Effectiveness

REDA Connect takes the lead in terms of cost-effectiveness. We understand the value of your investment, and our solution is designed to provide maximum functionality at a fraction of the cost compared to similar offerings.

Privacy and Security

Your data remains yours. REDA Connect prioritizes the security of your information by avoiding data storage, providing you with peace of mind.

Effortless Automation

Streamline your messaging processes with automated response management. REDA Connect ensures that your communication is not just effective but also efficient.

Transparency at its Core

Built on Salesforce

REDA Connect stands as a cutting-edge, multi-channel messaging app meticulously crafted to operate seamlessly within the Salesforce ecosystem. This avant-garde app represents a pinnacle in communication technology, offering unparalleled connectivity and integration capabilities tailored exclusively for Salesforce users.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing

REDA Connect provides straightforward and budget-friendly pricing, ensuring transparency without any hidden fees or additional costs for unsuccessful message deliveries. Your payment is solely based on the messages sent and the REDA Connect subscription, offering a clear and uncomplicated pricing structure.

Quick and Easy Setup

Experience a swift and streamlined implementation with REDA Connect – the process doesn't have to be lengthy or intricate! Within minutes, you'll be up and running. What's more, our dedicated customer onboarding team will tailor REDA Connect to your specific use case and provide comprehensive training.

Outstanding Support

Navigating REDA Connect is a breeze for our users. However, should you encounter any challenges, rest assured that our exceptional customer support team is readily available to offer personalized assistance at every step.

Discover the transformative impact of REDA Connect, unlocking a remarkable 98% open rate and elevating your customer communication within the Salesforce environment.

REDA Connect Pricing

Boost the potential of your Salesforce Org with dynamic SMS and WhatsApp
messaging capabilities. Transparent pricing. No hidden costs.



For teams looking to start with SMS and Whatsapp in Salesforce

Key Features:

Single number

Outbound messages capped at 1000 per month

Unlimited inbound messages

Basic automation

24-48 hours response time

Built in Opt In/Opt out support $ Implementation

 Chatbot Automation


Per month, charged
annually, unlimited users

Designed for teams requiring bidirectional messaging communication and advanced automation capabilities

Key Features:

2 Whatsapp numbers, 2 SMS numbers

Unlimited inbound messages

Access to Chatbot Automation

URL shortening services

Dedicated general support

12 hours response time

10 hours free of cost implementation support


Contact Us

Tailored for teams seeking to leverage multiple messaging channels alongside advanced automation through chatbots.

Key Features:

 Unlimited numbers

Unlimited messages

Dedicated general support

Dedicated technical support

50 hours free of cost implementation support

Unlock Added Value with REDA Connect's Premium Add-Ons

At REDA Connect, we believe in providing more than just a messaging solution; we offer a comprehensive experience tailored to your unique needs. Enhance your REDA Connect journey with our exclusive Premium Add-Ons, designed to supercharge your capabilities and support your evolving requirements.

Premium Onboarding and Training

Navigate the complexities of advanced automation and setup effortlessly with our Premium Onboarding and Training. Whether you're a seasoned user seeking additional insights or a team requiring specialized training, our experts are here to ensure you maximize the potential of REDA Connect.
Ready to Take Your Automation to the Next Level? Let Us Lead the Way.

Premium Support

When time is of the essence, our Premium Support ensures rapid response times via multiple support channels. Gain peace of mind knowing that our dedicated team is here to address your queries promptly. Plus, enjoy support for additional customizations, tailoring REDA Connect to match your evolving needs.
Experience Unparalleled Support and Customization Assistance.

Compare All Features



SMS Messaging

Whatsapp Messaging

Live Chat Console

REDA Connect Feed

Automation (workflow, apex, flow, process builder)

flow, process builder)

Inbound and Outbound Messaging

Built-in Opt in/Opt out mechanism

Sticky Sender

Sticky Sender

Data Audit Trails

Reports and dashboards

Multi-number management

Message Scheduling

Whatsapp Template Support

Merge Field Support

Automated Response Management

Dedicated General Support

Dedicated Technical Support

Unlimited messages

Unlimited numbers



Bulk Messaging (from lists, CSV, reports)


Advanced Automation

New Channel Integration

URL shortening and tracking

** restrictions apply
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