REDA workflows & process automations enabled each Property Manager to oversee 250% more properties, resulting in direct cost savings of $1.20m per year in a single department.

Actual Statistics - Based on the median salary for Property Manager at $101,774/year as per and portfolio size of 4000 properties.
more properties
cost savings / year
growth in revenue
reduction in staffing costs


REDA's all-in-one ecosystem slashes unnecessary higher direct operational and maintenance costs of multiple applications, allowing you to focus on growing your business, not managing it.


REDA's price-per-user model allows your business to manage more units at the same cost. Clients experience an average 150% ROI and savings of $500 per unit / year.

return on investment
yearly savings per unit

A robust set of features

Run your business with a single, connected solution. Experience the efficiency, security and cost rewards of a truly integrated platform.


Extraordinary performance, seamless integrations

REDA runs on Salesforce, works on any device and easily integrates with the tools you already use.


Designed for teams of all sizes, in all markets


Get the whole picture of your multifamily portfolio with one powerful platform for seamless data flow. REDA gives you the power to increase productivity without increasing headcount.


REDA has everything you need to oversee the governance, management, accounting, and communications for the Condominiums, COOP's, Homeowner Associations, Body Corporates and Stratas you serve.


REDA is a fully integrated solution for linking middle and back-office operations to drive the lifecycle of all portfolios consisting of offices, warehouses, airports, parks and industrial, retail, and government facilities.

Individual Properties

REDA provides a simple, intuitive solution for property managers caring for individual single family homes, condo units, or vacation rentals. Increase your visibility, your bookings, and your revenue.

Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it:
our clients thrive on REDA

Adam Rigel

CFO & Co-Owner,
JWB Real Estate Capital

The big selling point of centralizing operations inside Salesforce & REDA is the return on investment. We grew about 20% last year and we ended the year with less people than we started the year off with. That’s directly because of things that were implemented through REDA.

Richard Neel

Accounting Controller,
30+ Years Experience

Since making the change to REDA, my monthly reporting process has gone down by 60%. I can now get data from all sources out of REDA, and it’s made it way, way more efficient, and delivered more timely. Making the change allows everybody to function closer to their highest and best use.