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Technology Innovation for Real Estate is REDA

REDA is your scalable, all-in-one technology platform that optimises every aspect of real estate management and development.

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All-in-one Real Estate Technology Solution: From CRM to Business Automation to Accounting, Unify Your Success!

Unify property management, financial analytics, and tenant relations in one powerful platform. Optimize, streamline, and lead with data-driven real estate insights.

Pioneering the Next Era of Real Estate Tech Innovation

Empower Your Business: One Unified Platform, Infinite Rewards

Business Process Automation
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No code, just clicks!

Forget costly IT development projects and resource-intensive lengthy timelines for change management and deployments.

Collaboration Tools
Collaboration tools REDA
Open APIs
Seamless Integration. Limitless Possibilities.

REDA Open APIs enable seamless data integration, real-time communication, and custom development

Reports and Analytics
Reports and analytics REDA
Make decisions based on
real-time data reports,
analytics, and dashboards.

We bring your employees, stakeholders,  and customers together

Tired of disjointed teams, tasks, and softwares – and related costs (including opportunity cost)? Of watching operations limp along. Want to escape from outmoded, confining legacy softwares and complicated spreadsheets?

Enter REDA. A cloud-based scalable technology platform, powered by Salesforce that connects every last “dot” – streamlining, synchronizing, simplifying, and automating complex tasks as far-flung as accounting, property management, and CRM for ease and outcomes beyond what property managers and developers ever imagined.

Paperless automation REDA
REDA Paperless Automation

Decrease carbon footprint and achieve improved document automation


Data Audit Trail


Native Document Generation


Increase tasks automation

The World’s Singular Solution for Real Estate Development and Administration

Across Geographies, Companies, Continents, Languages, and Currencies

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Embrace the world of real estate with REDA, a solution designed for the global stage. We are a mosaic of diverse ethnicities and cultures, creating the world’s only real estate platform that speaks your language. Rooted in trust and built on credibility, REDA transcends borders, ensuring seamless management across continents with unparalleled reliability. Dive into a world where real estate management is as diverse as the communities we serve. Choose REDA. Choose global excellence.

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Designed for teams of all sizes, in all markets for the world

REDA's flexible data design and automation technology empowers you to implement and optimize your operating procedures irrespective of diverse portfolios, language barriers and multi currency challenges.


Get the whole picture of your multifamily portfolio with one powerful platform for seamless data flow. REDA gives you the power to increase productivity without increasing headcount.

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REDA has everything you need to oversee the governance, management, accounting, and communications for the Condominiums, COOPs, Homeowner Associations, Body Corporates and Stratas you serve.

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REDA is a fully integrated solution for linking middle and back-office operations to drive the lifecycle of all portfolios consisting of offices, warehouses, airports, parks and industrial, retail, and government facilities.

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Individual Properties

REDA provides a simple, intuitive solution for property managers caring for individual single-family homes, condo units, or vacation rentals. Increase your visibility, your bookings, and your revenue.

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Increases efficiency, creates growth, and generates profits.

Don’t take our word for it: Real Estate thrives on REDA

The return on investment is the big selling point of centralizing operations inside Salesforce & REDA. We grew about 20% last year and ended the year with fewer people than we started the year. That’s directly because of things that were implemented through REDA.

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Adam Rigel

US flag
CFO & Co-Owner, JWB Real Estate Capital (United States)

We looked at many real estate and property management software programs, and REDA covered everything together and much more than we expected. Thanks, REDA’s team, for the great service, and we look forward to many years.

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Gary Flax

Australia flag
Principal at Lifestyle Real Estate Group (Australia)

REDA provides clarity on the entire process of property management. The system enables me to trust the work that REDA is doing. The product team is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and experienced. A big shout out to team REDA and their incredible product.

Narin Keuk, chairman of chestertons

Narin Keuk

Cambodia flag
Chairman at Chestertons (Cambodia)

Mobile - Accessible - Powerful

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It's easier than ever to scale. A ready-to-use app for almost every digital need!

4,000+ plug-and-play business apps - be a part of the world’s largest digital ecosystem with REDA.

REDA runs on Salesforce, the world's #1 innovative technology platform. It works on any device and easily integrates with your existing tools.

Join us on the journey to hyper-growth with the world’s #1 Real Estate Technology Solution

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