REDA - Enterprise Accounting

Native Enterprise Accounting tailored for Real Estate

REDA Accounting, built on our centralized platform, unleashes significant potential for automating your accounting processes, ensuring a high degree of accuracy, adherence to legal compliance, and effortless management of complex financial setups.

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Unlock the power of connected accounting !

REDA accounting simplifies the complex challenges faced by Real Estate industry by connecting the accounting processes with core CRM, Leasing, Property Management, Acquisitions and Operations. 

Leverage flexible accounting setup to address your unique compliance, taxes and regulatory requirements seamlessly with REDA.

Enterprise Accounting
General Ledger

General Ledger Accounts

Supports both Cash and Accrual Accounting.

Multi Company Management.

Transaction and Budget Ledgers

Multiple Accounting Dimensions

Tax Accounting

Multi Currency management

Fixed Asset Accounting

Accounting Periods management

Accounting controls and approvals


Manage multiple Bank and Credit Card Accounts

Bank Reconciliation Management.

Bank Statement Import.

Transaction Reconciliation Automations.

Bank Direct Connect

Electronic Fund Transfer Instructions (EFT)

Payroll File Import 

Bank Deposits Management

Open APIs for system integration.

AR, AP and Cash Flow

Billings and Revenue Management.

Cash Receipts Managment and Application controls.

Payables Approvals and Posting.

Cash Disbursement Management. 

Transaction voiding and fees.

Receivables and Payables Aging.

Cash Flow Statements. 

Integrated Banking

Lease Accounting

“Customizable, scalable and future ready!”

Define and implement your leasing policies tailored to diverse geographies and portfolio types. Allow REDA automation to effortlessly manage the intricate aspects of your lease accounting, including rent rolls, late fees, month-to-month charges, utilities, security deposit accounting, and miscellaneous expenses.

Lease Accounting
Accurate Rent Rolls

Comprehensive  and automated rent roll management driven by your leasing policies, tax rules and lease agreements. 

Out of the box support for monthly, weekly and daily rent roll processing.

Security Deposit

Out-of-the-box security deposit management driven by system automations and leasing policies. 

Save time and ensure accuracy with one-click security deposit reconciliations and refunds management.

Lease Charges

Point and click configuration for defining various charges applicable for on-boarding leases, one time or recurring charges, CAM and utilities. 

Flexible and easy charges setup to address your unique business requirements.

Miscellaneous Charges and Credit Notes

Robust, yet elegantly simple process is in place for assessing miscellaneous fees, such as those related to property damages or the issuance of credit notes. 
These processes, coupled with approval workflows, guarantee both compliance and accuracy.

Property Management Accounting

Reward your clients and investors with accurate property management accounting, real time reports and financial forecasting.

Management Fee calculators

Monthly and annual summarized financial statements.

Escrow management

Portfolio management and summarized portfolio statements.

Equity disbursements calculations and accounting.

Property Management Accounting
Project Accounting

Project Accounting

End to end project accounting coupled with budget and posting controls empower you to be in control of your financial planning, executions and budgets.

Purchase orders and variances management.

Invoice approvals and posting controls.

Budget and contingencies management.

Payables and disbursements through EFT (Electronic Fund Transfers).

Fixed Assets and inventory accounting.

Don't just take our word for it:
our clients thrive on REDA!

“Since making the change to REDA, my monthly reporting process has gone down by 60%. I can now get data from all sources out of REDA, making our process more efficient and robust. After deploying REDA all the teams and members can work closely and in highly efficient manner.”
Richard Neel
Accounting Controller
30+ Years Real-Estate Experience

Accounting Reports and Financial Statements

Financial Clarity at Your Fingertips

Financial Reports

Out-of-the box standard formatted  financial reports like P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow etc.

Financial Report Builder tool allows you to configure specific reports as per your requirements. 

Accounting Reports

Empowered with data and process centralization, configure infinite combination of accounting reports using REDA native Report Builder tools.

REDA - Business Process Automation

Have your accountants focus on important things by eliminating mundane and redundant tasks

REDA's point-and-click process automation tools empower users to streamline routine tasks and automate repetitive activities, resulting in substantial productivity enhancements. This ensures that resources are allocated for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Increase productivity with Enterprise Accounting


The open APIs provided by the REDA platform empower developers to extend the capabilities of the REDA platform, seamlessly integrate with external applications, create tailor-made solutions, and streamline business processes through automation.

Data Audit Trails

REDA data history tracking feature offers accountants the ability to maintain data integrity, meet compliance requirements, diagnose errors, analyze performance, support legal or dispute resolution processes, enhance user accountability, and gain valuable business insights. It serves as a valuable tool in data management, governance, and decision-making processes.

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