"The big selling point of centralizing operations inside Salesforce & REDA is the return on investment. We grew about 20% last year and we ended the year with less people than we started the year off with".

Adam Rigel

CFO & Co-Owner,
JWB Real Estate Capital
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Only provide solutions around some aspects of the business but not all. The result - you are forced to use multiple softwares, impacting team collaboration and culture.

Act as data-warehouse but do not define process workflows. Ineffective data and process validation result in inconsistent reports and a bad user experience.

Limited process configuration and automation options force you to adapt asper the software. You have no option but to find workarounds resulting in a high cost to productivity.

All these solutions are closed modeled - you are solely dependent on providers for new features and driving innovations. Integrating external services and making changes is difficult and time-consuming.

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Bring all aspects of your business under one roof. Have your employees focus on where they need to. Oninterface,experience, one source of data.

Empower your employees, investors, and stakeholders with consistent real-time information. Intelligent data & process validations ensure you be in control.

100% customizable reports, interface, workflows, and client journey enables you to dictate what works best for you. You are no longer forced to adopt but, with REDA, now can enjoy your work & overachieve.

Out of box enterprise collaboration to brings multiple teams, departments and stakeholders together to take actions in real time. Make emails thing of past with next gen collaboration enablement.


REDA workflows & process automations enabled each Property Manager to oversee 250% more properties, resulting in direct cost savings of $1.20m per year in a single department.

Actual Statistics - Based on the median salary for Property Manager at $101,774/year as per Salary.com and portfolio size of 4000 properties.
more properties
cost savings / year
growth in revenue
reduction in staffing costs


REDA's all-in-one ecosystem slashes unnecessary higher direct operational and maintenance costs of multiple applications, allowing you to focus on growing your business, not managing it.


REDA's price-per-user model allows your business to manage more units at the same cost. Clients experience an average 150% ROI and savings of $500 per unit / year.

return on investment
yearly savings per unit

Ready to Deploy

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Included Features



CRM, Leasing + Marketing

Acquisition, Leasing, Property Management Client, Property Sales, and Lending

Property Manager

Lease Charges Management, Rent Bills, Late Fees, Month to Month Charges,Recurring Charges, Multi-Year Lease Management, Lease Agreements, Move-In/Out,Eviction & Terminations, Lease Renewals, Property Sales & Lending Settlement,Property Ownership Management


360* Integration with Stripe Payment Gateway. Out of box features: Payment Methods (Card/ Canada - ACSS), Authenticated OTP based web payments, Salesforce community support, Auto Debit API, Payment Schedules, Payouts/Deposits Management, Convenience Charges, Multi-Bank Account Management


Tailored content management for Real Estate. Designed to work seamlessly with integrated Force.com sites.


Rules-based data snapshots for key period base reports and analytics.


Integrated Tenant Screening workflows powered by SafeRent Solutions.

Leasing Automation

Self-showings with remote ID verification powered by ShowMojo

Digital Experience

Resident and Owner portals, community dashboards

Enterprise Accounting

Salesforce native and integrated enterprise accounting application powered by Accounting Seed Inc. Tailored for Real Estate and Property Management processes by REDA. Accounting implementation is specific to the client's requirements.


Salesforce Native template-based documents generation and an electronic signature solution powered by our partner app S-Docs. Tailored for Real Estate and Property Management by REDA. Generate documents and share agreements for electronic signatures out of the box. Automate communication and data workflows based on design process stages. Unlimited documents and signature envelopes allow you to run 100% paperless operations.

Support Level


Onboarding Level**

3 hours / user
10 hours / user
** restrictions apply

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