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Advanced technology enablement for property managers

Automate your property management processes with cloud based property management software, improve people efficiency, ensure data accuracy, reduce errors/delays, and eliminate mundane tasks - resulting in better property management.


Increase Employee Productivity


Faster Lead to Lease


Integrated Paperless Operations

property management software

Unit and Property Management Software

Achieve a 10% reduction in costs by centralizing all aspects of your property management, including portfolio types, amenities, rent charge setup, leasing policies, marketing content, promotions, and accounting setup with REDA property management software. 

Coupled with the world's #1 CRM, automated accounting processes, and enterprise digital experience - ensure a seamless flow of information across all stakeholders and your peace of mind!

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Scalable Rent Setup

Flexible rent setup configuration to address varied, complex needs of diverse portfolios.

Optimize your rents by defining a mixture of term-based and term-independent rent setups.

Optimize workflows of rent management for renewals.

Monitor the history of rent changes and demand analysis for rent optimization.

Manage multi year rent setup for long term leases.

Lease rent promotion management and tracking.

Access and permission controls for rent setup configuration.

Approval processes for rent discounts.

Renewals Rent Optimization

Flexible Amenities Setup

Standarized property amenities management for better unit search and marketing.

Flexible charges  configuration to address inclusive and exclusive amenities.

Integrated with lease management and accounting processes.

Detailed analytics for demand and revenue analysis tailored for rent optimization.

Support for Open APIs for connected website and content marketing.

Data and Information Visibility
Process Automation
Portfolio Management

Flexible and scalable management of property types to address all business cases.

Robust data analytics and reports by property types.

Integrated APIs for connected website and CRM processes. 

Geography Management for address standardization and data access controls.

Multi-currency management and consolidation. 

Investor portfolio management and reporting.

Portfolio level ROI calculations and equity disbursements.

Property list and group management for efficient reporting and analytics with property portfolio management software.

Portfolio driven Leasing SOPs implementation and standardization.

Blockchain-based property ownership management and insights.

Leasing and Tenant Management

Simplifying leasing steps through scalable process automation.

Eliminate mundane tasks and reduce inefficiencies by automating your leasing processes through effective implementation of your SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and leasing policies with tenant and lease management software.

Process and rules-driven leasing availability management saves hundreds of man hours and ensures a very high degree of accuracy."

Manage 360° tenant information with online property management software, including contact preferences, privacy consents (GDPR), rental history, eviction history, credit scores and payment behavior. 

Leasing and Tenant Management
Rent Rolls & Lease Accounting

Out-of-the-box flexible setup for rent rolls, security deposit, CAM reconciliations, inflation adjustments, late fees, month-month charges,lease application/admin fees and miscellaneous charges.

All are connected seamlessly to CRM, communication  and accounting workflows.

Renewals  Management

Let our platform do the heavy lifting of renewals management through smart process and communication automation. 

Coupled with paperless electronics agreement execution, you can completely automate your lease renewals.

Move-In/Outs Management

Streamline your move-in and move-out processes with in-built inspection management, calendar management, automated task assignments, and lease accounting reconciliation.

Implement your move-in and move-out checklist to ensure a smooth experience for your tenants.

Terminations and Evictions

Termination policy and approvals management aimed at cutting down man-hours required for early terminations. 

Native-connected accounting automation to process early termination charges and ledger reconciliations. Efficient and scalable evictions and collections management.

 rent and financials management

Rent and Financials

Target +95% automation for your rent and financial management with REDA.

Through omni-channel receivables - spanning credit cards, ACH standing orders, scheduled payments, cash, checks, and money orders - significantly reduce cash delinquencies.

Automated rent accounting and reconciliation workflows guarantee minimized errors, amplified business potential, and an exceptional tenant experience with REDA's commercial lease management software.

Owner and Investor Management

Manage individual or institutional investors efficiently and with ease. 

Operating and trying to grow a multi-property portfolio is complex, to say the least. It requires a systematic, scalable approach to ensure that all assets, fiscal goals, and outcomes are tracked and that income, expenses, and equity shares are reported and reconciled per entity designation.   

REDA the real estate management software consolidates all your assets into a single system tailored to meet your unique financial processes and reporting requirements.

Manage individual or institutional investors

Property managers on REDA can do 150% more!

“Prior to the REDA implementation, each property manager used to be able to manage 200 properties. Now, the number of properties under management per property manager is 500. That’s 150% improvement.”
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Adam Rigel
CFO & Co-Owner
JWB Real Estate Capital

Maintenance and Work Orders

Experience consistent coordination of work orders, automated communication, and real-time progress tracking. With streamlined workflows and comprehensive reporting, you can optimize property performance to enhance tenant satisfaction and protect your investment.

optimize property performance

Document Management

100% centralized and paperless operations
Fully integrated and connected templates for document generation and e-signatures with enhanced security features, workflow tracking, and centralized storage.

Documents Management
Revenue Optimization

Revenue Optimization

REDA the property lease management software, is crafted with a threefold strategy (MOM - Maximize, Optimize, Minimize) to boost your profits while seamlessly scaling your business operations.

We do this by tapping into Salesforce’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence module called Einstein AI, a state-of-the-art powerful Analytics and Automation engine and workflow automation.

Online Property Management Software For Risk Forecasting and Mitigation

Risk Forecasting and Mitigation

By implementing comprehensive risk management with REDA, property managers can minimize potential liabilities, protect property value, and create a safe and desirable environment for tenants and visitors.

Reporting and Data Analytics

Harness the power of real-time insights, customizable dashboards, and predictive analytics to drive profitability and operational efficiency. Unlock the true potential of your property portfolio and take your management to new heights with our advanced reporting, analytics, and inspection capabilities.

Reporting and Data Analytics
Data Audit Trails


Integrate, Interact, and Monitor Data with Ease 

The open APIs provided by the REDA platform empower developers to extend the capabilities of the REDA platform, seamlessly integrate with external applications, create tailor-made solutions, and streamline business processes through automation.

Data Audit Trails

REDA data history tracking feature offers accountants the ability to maintain data integrity, meet compliance requirements, diagnose errors, analyze performance, support legal or dispute resolution processes, enhance user accountability, and gain valuable business insights. It serves as a valuable tool in data management, governance, and decision-making processes.

Mobile - Accessible - Powerful

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