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REDA Open APIs enable seamless data integration, real-time communication, and custom development to meet your specific business needs.


Integrate,  Interact and Monitor Data with Ease 

Open APIs offered by REDA platform provide developers with the flexibility to extend the capabilities of the REDA platform, integrate with external applications, build custom solutions, and automate business processes.

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Rest API Icon

REST API enables developers to interact with REDA data using standard HTTP methods like GET, POST, PATCH, and DELETE. 

It provides a flexible and lightweight approach to integrate REDA functionality into external applications, websites, or mobile apps. The REST API supports various data operations, including querying, creating, updating, and deleting records.


REDA SOAP API is a widely-used API that provides a standardized approach for communication and data manipulation in the REDA platform. 

It offers a comprehensive set of operations to interact with REDA, such as querying, creating, updating, and deleting records. SOAP API uses the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) protocol and provides a WSDL (Web Services Description Language) file for developers to generate client code.

Bulk API

REDA Bulk API is designed for handling large volumes of data. 

It allows developers to programmatically load or extract data in bulk, making it suitable for scenarios where high data volume operations are required, such as data imports or exports. 

Bulk API operates asynchronously, enabling efficient processing of large datasets.

REDA Metadata API

REDA Metadata API provides programmatic access to REDA’s metadata, which represents the structure and configuration of an organization's REDA setup.

Developers can use the Metadata API to create, retrieve, update, or delete various metadata components, such as objects, fields, layouts, workflows, and more.

It is particularly useful for automating administrative tasks or managing Salesforce metadata programmatically.

metadata API code
Event API on Reda One Platform

Platform Event API

Platform Events API facilitates the integration of external systems with REDA by allowing the publication and subscription to custom platform events.

Platform events are custom-defined events that represent a significant occurrence or state change within REDA. 

Developers can use the Platform Events API to publish or subscribe to these events, enabling seamless communication and data synchronization between REDA and external systems.

Secure and Compliant

Strong authentication, access controls, data encryption, rate limits, monitoring, and compliance measures, REDA API security provides organizations with the necessary safeguards to protect data and resources when integrating with REDA APIs.

Reda One Open API Platform security layer

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