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Data Migration Services

Streamline your real estate operations with REDA’s Data Migration services, ensuring a seamless transition and integrity of your property data

REDA’s Data Migration as a service ensures that valuable property data, tenant information, and financial details are securely, efficiently, and accurately transferred, setting a strong foundation for successful ERP utilization

REDA software Mackbook

Seamless Data Migration with REDA: Transition Your Real Estate Data
with Confidence

REDA software Mackbook
Data Assessment & Planning

We begin with a thorough assessment of the client's existing data and identify the sources, formats, and quality of data to be migrated. We closely collaborate with the client to define the scope, objectives, and timelines for the migration process.

Data Mapping & Extraction

We create a detailed data mapping plan that specifies how data from the existing systems will be mapped to the corresponding fields in REDA. We extract data from the client's legacy systems, sheets and databases while ensuring the data remains intact and unaltered.

Data Transformation & Load

 We cleanse and standardize data to ensure accuracy and consistency. This may involve removing duplicates, correcting errors, and reformatting data. We utilize Salesforce data import tools, such as Data Import Wizard or Data Loader, to load the transformed data into REDA.

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