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Unlock the Future of Real Estate with our pioneering REDA PaaS solution

REDA Platform as a Service (PaaS) offers a wide range of benefits for real estate businesses looking to build, customize, and deploy applications and solutions.

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Revolutionizing Real Estate Operations with Seamless Integration and Cost Efficiency

REDA PaaS empowers real estate developers, property management companies, and construction firms by providing a flexible, scalable, and collaborative platform that enhances data management, automates processes, and supports strategic decision-making.

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Customization and Flexibility

Tailor REDA PaaS to meet specific business needs to create custom applications and workflows that align with their unique processes.


Easily scale operations as the business grows, ensuring that the platform can accommodate increased data, users, and complex project requirements.

Centralized Data Management

Streamline data storage and access with a centralized platform, providing a unified view of customer information, property details, and construction project data.

Collaboration & Communication

Foster collaboration among teams by providing REDA - a centralized platform for communication, document sharing, and project management, enhancing efficiency and reducing miscommunication.

Automation of Processes

Automate repetitive tasks and workflows, saving time and reducing the risk of errors in processes such as lease management, property sales, and construction project tracking.

Customer Relationship Management

Utilize REDA’s robust CRM capabilities to manage customer interactions, track leads, and enhance customer satisfaction, ultimately improving relationships and increasing sales opportunities.

Analytics and Reporting

Leverage powerful analytics tools to gain insights into market trends, property performance, and construction project metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Mobile Accessibility

Access real-time data and collaborate on projects from anywhere with REDA's mobile capabilities, providing flexibility for on-the-go professionals in the real estate and construction industries.

Security and Compliance

REDA is built on Salesforce sp benefit from Salesforce's strong security features, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data. Additionally, REDA helps in maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

Integration with Third Party Tools

Seamlessly integrate REDA PaaS with other essential tools and applications used in the real estate industry, creating a unified ecosystem for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

REDA software Mackbook
With REDA services, businesses can:

Reduce costs without compromising quality

Bypass investing in the expensive hardware and software necessary for business operations

Eliminate the time and money necessary to maintain and upgrade infrastructure as the need arises

REDA provides a trustworthy, reliable platform. All users need is a computer and an internet connection.

 integrated Microsoft and Google services

Integrated Microsoft & Google services

Our real estate CRM integrated Microsoft and Google services allow you to truly centralize your communications and calendar management.

Ready to deploy plugins for Microsoft Outlook syncs all your emails, tasks, and meetings in one place - that too is connected with CRM processes. Awesome, isn’t it?

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