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Technical Support Services

REDA’s Expert Technical Support: Always at your Service

REDA’s reliable Technical Support Services are crucial, ensuring uninterrupted operations and swift issue resolution. Such support safeguards your company's data integrity and optimizes system performance, fostering trust and efficiency.

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REDA Technical Support: Your Partner in Property Management Excellence

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Issue Reporting & Logging

REDA establishes clear channels for clients to report technical issues, such as a dedicated support email, phone line, or an online ticketing system. After an issue has been identified the following steps are taken:

Issue Triage and Prioritization: Reported issues are categorized based on their severity and impact on the client's operations. Critical issues are prioritized for immediate attention.

Detailed Issue Assessment: REDA team collaborates with the client to gather all relevant information about the problem, including error messages, screenshots, and steps to reproduce the issue.

Troubleshooting & Resolution

REDA Technical Support team develops a systematic approach to troubleshoot the issue. The problem is studied and resolved in the following two stages:

Technical Analysis: The issue is assigned to a technical support team member with expertise in the REDA ERP solution. Logs, configurations, and system settings are analyzed to diagnose the problem.

Testing & Validation: The proposed solution is tested thoroughly in a controlled environment to ensure it addresses the issue without causing other problems.

Issue Resolution & Closure

Once the issue is resolved and validated, the support case is formally closed. The client is notified of the resolution and confirmation of satisfaction is sought with the following steps:

Documentation & Knowledge Sharing: The support case is documented, including the problem, analysis, solution, and any additional information for reference and future troubleshooting.

Client Education & Training: Resolved cases are used as opportunities to educate the client on how to prevent or handle similar issues in the future.

Proactive Support

Follow-ups are conducted with the client after issue resolution to ensure the problem remains resolved and gather feedback on the support experience. Continuous support is provided with the help of the following steps:

Feedback Collection: Clients are encouraged to provide feedback on their technical support experience, which can be used for service improvement.

Continuous Updates & Training: Proactive support is provided by identifying potential issues before they impact the client's operations and providing preventive guidance through regular updates and training.

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