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Built on the world's most trusted CRM - Salesforce. Streamline and make your CRM processes efficient across all business units. From inquiries, accounts, contacts, calendars, tasks, communication, and properties - all in one, easy to use configurable real estate CRM software.







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Digitally achieve business goals &  Simplify your revenue cycle

Captures data from all channels in one unified automated platform to boost response rates, opportunity conversions, occupancy rates and streamline leads.

automated platform
Leads Management

Capture leads from all channels like connected websites, listing services, inbound email, inbound SMS/Text, Web Chatbots, WhatsApp, and even from an inbound telephone call.

Integrated showings.

Lead assignment rules.

Duplicate lead management.

Conversion and Response Metrics

Centralized activities and notes.

Communication Templates.

Priority and escalation management.

Configurable lead journey. 

Accounts and Contacts Management

Manage your lease accounts, contacts, companies, clients, and vendors all under one roof connected with property management and real estate development SOPs.

Be empowered with 360° information visibility related to all accounts and contacts, facilitating ease in decision making.

20 Hours
Savings per week
Opportunity Management

Whether it is a new acquisition, a new lease, or a new client, streamline management of all types of opportunities as per your operating processes and control management policies.

Configurable opportunity journey steps and controls.

No data duplication and data entries.

Centralized activities and notes. 

Integrated document management.

Document templates and electronic signatures workflows.

Communication and notification automation.

Empower Your Property management with world’s #1 CRM for Real Estate  

REDA Property Management software

Centralize all aspects of your properties from operation perspectives like sales, leasing, acquisition, documents, marketing, promotions, and booking.

Manage all marketing content, amenities, admin charges, and rent rates in one unified, scalable, and flexible environment.

What are the results - well, REDA clients experience squeezing leads to lease cycle from days to hours.

Omni Channel Communications - tailored for your business

Build strong and more meaningful relationships with your tenants, clients, and all business stakeholders.

Meet your tenants' and stakeholders' expectations, deliver consistent experiences, improve engagement and satisfaction, gain insights, and gain a competitive edge in the market by adopting omni-channel communication strategies with REDA.

omni channel communication strategies

Define email templates and leverage built-in process automation to streamline your email communications. With the Microsoft Outlook plugin, sync all your email communication in one place.

SMS & Whatsapp

REDA provides you a revolutionary messaging app designed to seamlessly integrate with both WhatsApp and SMS right within the Salesforce environment.


Out-of-the-box configurable and readily deployable Chatbots for your website and portals. Leverage the power of automation, improve customer service, streamline processes, gain valuable insights, and foster stronger customer relationships.


Deliver exceptional client services with integrated telephony. With readily available CTI adapters, make, receive, record, log, and efficiently associate all your calls with leads, contacts, and opportunities in real time.

 integrated Microsoft and Google services

Integrated Microsoft & Google services

Our integrated Microsoft and Google services allow you to truly centralize your communications and calendar management.

Ready to deploy plugins for Microsoft Outlook syncs all your emails, tasks, and meetings in one place - that too is connected with CRM processes. Awesome, isn’t it?

Mobile - Accessible - Powerful

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REDA Enterprise Collaboration

Share information, files, and data across your company so that everyone moves together.

Drive productivity, accelerate innovation and empower your employees to do more anytime, anywhere with REDA's collaboration enablement technology and tools.

Powered by the world’s #1 enterprise social network - Salesforce Chatter.

REDA Collaboration enablement tool
REDA point-and-click process automation tools
REDA Business Process Automation

Have your employees’ focus on important things by eliminating uneventful and redundant tasks.

REDA point-and-click process automation tools empower you to eliminate uneventful activities and automate redundant tasks. Thus, unleashing huge productivity gain by ensuring your resources are put to the highest and best use.


Seamless Integration, Limitless Possibilities With Real Estate Investor CRM

REDA Open APIs enable seamless data integration, real-time communication, and custom development to meet your specific business needs.



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How does REDA assist in compliance with industry regulations related to customer data?
Can REDA CRM assist in Calendar Management and Opportunity Management?
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It's easier than ever to scale. A ready-to-use app for almost every digital need!

4,000+ plug-and-play business apps - be a part of the world’s largest digital ecosystem with REDA.

REDA runs on Salesforce, the world's #1 innovative technology platform. It works on any device and easily integrates with your existing tools.

Join us on the journey to hyper-growth with the world’s #1 Real Estate Technology Solution

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