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Share information, files and data across your company, so everyone moves together.

Drive productivity, accelerate innovation and empower your employees to do more anytime, anywhere with REDA Collaboration enablement technology and tools.

Powered by world’s #1 enterprise social network - Salesforce Chatter.

Drive Productivity

Unleash the Power of Digital Collaboration

Connect, engage, and motivate employees to work efficiently regardless of their role or location. Collaborate on opportunities, service cases, campaigns, inspections and projects with embedded apps and custom actions.

Share Knowledge

“Enable your employees for highest and best performance”

Share knowledge, files, and data. Connect with experts from across your organisation regardless of their role or location.

Acceralate Innvovation

Provide a forum for anyone to share insights or propose new ideas.

Connect teams with direct feedback from customers on programs, initiatives, and engagement events.

Create and share polls instantly to gauge new ideas.

Take Action Anywhere

Track your team and critical projects in the mobile feed.

Close cases, update opportunities, and find the latest presentations.

Act on critical updates wherever you are to make the most of every moment.

Customer Success Story

REDA enabled property managers at JWB to manage 250% more properties and leasing managers to close 200% more leases. Lead to Lease time was squeezed to 5 hours from 3 days through process optimization, automnation and paperless operations.

It's easier than ever to scale. A ready to use app for almost every digital need!

4,000+ plug-&-play business apps - be a part of world’s largest digital ecosystem with REDA.

REDA runs on Salesforce, the world's #1 innovative technology platform, works on any device and easily integrates with the tools you already use.

Streamline. Scale. Smile.

Tired of disjointed teams, tasks, and software – and related costs (including opportunity cost)?Of watching operations limp along? 
Want to escape from outmoded and confining legacy ERP systems?

Talk to us about which processes you want to streamline or automate. After a 30 minute conversation, we’ll map out a path that folds every last aspect of your property management or development business into one easy-to-use cloud-based program.

REDA saves you unprecedented time and money – and unleashes profit potential – by streamlining, consolidating, automating all operations, including CRM and accounting.