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Strata Operations

Centralized Strata/HOA Compliant CRM, Property Management and Accounting Platform

Addressing Strata/HOA challenges by efficient business intelligence and process automation that enhances communication, transparency, financial control, and compliance while streamlining 360* property management operations.

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REDA Solutions for Strata Housing

Financial Management

Budget Management (General Ledger, Banking, AR, AP & Cash Flow)

Automated Fees Management & Collection

Expense & Income Tracking Financial Reports

Generation of Invoices

Online Payment Options

Real-time access to Financial Statements

Enterprise Accounting
Communication & Transparency

Centralized platform for messages, announcements, and updates

Announcement sharing and issue reporting

Enterprise Collaboration Tools like messaging platforms, email notifications, mass emails

Facilitating quick responses to inquiries and service requests.

Online Payment Options

Real-time access to Financial Statements

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Document Digitization & Paperless Operations

REDA Paperless Automations allows for centralized storage, retrieval, and categorization of documents

Access important documents such as minutes of meetings, bylaws, and financial reports

Easy access and secure storage of critical records

Template driven documentation generation and sharing.

Electronic signatures and compliances.

E-Signatures driven digital voting management.

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Common Area Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance and service request tracking features, automated work orders.

Report maintenance issues, view updates and maintenance schedules.

Centralized platform for monitoring work orders and coordinating with service providers

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Contractors & Suppliers Management

Store vendor information, track service contracts, facilitate vendor communications

Streamlined vendor management

Estimates and Planning

Task scheduling and Execution

Budget Management & Controls

Enterprise Project Accounting

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Adherence to Bylaws, Regulations & Violations Management

Knowledge Base for storing, sharing and managing bylaws, rules, and regulations

Digital Portals for owners to track compliances and respond to violations

Streamline Strata violations management by automating the tracking and notification of infractions

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Participation in Strata meetings and transparent voting

Meeting scheduling, agenda creation, and attendance tracking, and document management for strata meetings

Virtual meetings and document sharing

Digital voting and decision-making processes during strata meetings

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Risk Management

Acquisition & Underwriting

Tenant Risk Management (Integrated Tenant Screening, Tenant Scoring System)

Security Deposits Management

Eviction Management

360° Risk Forecasting & Mitigation(Physical Property Risk, Administration Risk, Market Risk)

Constructions, Renovations & Property Turns (Budget Compliance Management, Disbursement Controls, Advanced Risk Identification & Mitigation)

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Leasing, Rental and Tenant Management

Rent Rolls & Lease Accounting

Renewals Management

Move-in/outs management

Terminations & Evictions

Scalable Rent Setup

Flexible Amenities setup

Portfolio Management

Revenue Optimization

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Data Analytics & Dashboards

Easy report creation

Customizable Reports

Real-time Data Access

Data visualization - choose from various chart types, including bar charts, pie charts, line charts, and more.

Financial Report Builder

Accounting Reports

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Leasing, Rental and Tenant Management

Data Audit Trails - maintain data integrity, meet compliance requirements, diagnose errors, analyze performance, support legal or dispute resolution processes, enhance user accountability, and gain valuable business insights

Consent and Privacy Compliance

Built-in SSL and Security

Data Access and Permissions Setup

Desktop showing business process automation

REDA is the best choice for Strata Operations Management

REDA can address the challenges faced by strata councils, property managers, and strata corporations. It streamlines operations, enhances communication, promotes financial transparency, and facilitates compliance and risk management, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective strata property management.

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