REDA - Business Process Automation
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Have your employee’s focus on important things by eliminating mundane and redundant tasks.

REDA point-and-click process automation tools empowers you to eliminate mundane activities and automate redundant tasks. Thus unleashing huge productivity gains by ensuring your resources are put to highest and best use.




REDA enterprise process automation tools are designed for one outcome - increase your employees productivity. Put your resources & assets to the highest best use by leveraging process automation and built-in AI tools. 

Simplify complex problems by putting advanced technology to work where businesses really need it, and in the process, optimizes the systems that build business success.

How we do it? it takes 3 things :


Optimize complex processes to remove bottlenecks and time between tasks.

REDA extensive flexibility and configuration options allows you to tailor your SOPs as per your business requirements. 


Eliminate redundant and mundane tasks through process automation.

Returns on Investment (ROI)

Rapidly deploy new enhancements, technology innovations and SOP changes.

REDA process configuration tools simplifies the change management process and reduces change implementation time by 350%.

No Code - Just Clicks !

“REDA Point-and-Click Process Automation Bulider !”

Forget costly IT development projects and resource intensive lengthy timelines for change management and deployments. 

REDA point-and-click configuration and process automation tools empowers you to implement SOPs that are tailored for your business & your growth plans. That too doing it 350% quicker with less resources.


Define communication templates for notifications, reminders and updates. 

Use communication templates to send out communications automatically.


Let technology do the heavy lifting. 
Create automated tasks, follow ups and task reminders that sycs with out-of-box calendar management, Microsoft and Google services.


Configure your BI and data automations. 
With REDA drag-and-drop data triggers, brings not only your data to life but leverage consistent data driven actions and analytics.     


Say goodbye to delays and cost overruns for technology adoption and enhancements. Save up to 60% in time and costs with rapid process design, configuration and deployments.

Don't just take our word for it:
our clients thrive on REDA!

Build Business Success

REDA process automation built on a reliable Salesforce platform can effectively eliminate costly mistakes. 

In fact, as per a study conducted by Havard Institue it is estimated that data errors and faulty information cost U.S. businesses $3 trillion every year. 

With REDA’s  effective automation, business-process data is transferred directly between applications, eliminating the risk of human error, and ensuring that valuable information retains its accuracy.

Cost Advantage

REDA Business Process Automation (BPA) tools offers your business to save large amounts of money by improving employee productivity and reducing process turn arouund time.

Sustainable ROI

While there is certainly a initial cost of investment in identifying area of process optimization and automations deployment but the business process automation tends to pay off for itself through increased work effeciency

It's easier than ever to scale. A ready to use app for almost every digital need!

4,000+ plug-&-play business apps - be a part of world’s largest digital ecosystem with REDA.

REDA runs on Salesforce, the world's #1 innovative technology platform, works on any device and easily integrates with the tools you already use.

Streamline. Scale. Smile.

Tired of disjointed teams, tasks, and software – and related costs (including opportunity cost)?Of watching operations limp along? 
Want to escape from outmoded and confining legacy ERP systems?

Talk to us about which processes you want to streamline or automate. After a 30 minute conversation, we’ll map out a path that folds every last aspect of your property management or development business into one easy-to-use cloud-based program.

REDA saves you unprecedented time and money – and unleashes profit potential – by streamlining, consolidating, automating all operations, including CRM and accounting.