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The Future of Real Estate in Brazil

Revolutionizing Brazilian Property Management with REDA

Uncover the competitive advantage that REDA brings to the Brazilian real estate sector. Our solutions, finely tuned to the nuances of the market, have become the catalyst for unlocking unprecedented potential, setting a new standard for success in the industry.


Real Estate Property Management


São Paulo, Brazil


+14K units

Company Bio

Vila11 is one of the most respected North American real estate groups and a part of a team of 12 companies specialized in asset management in sectors such as rental housing, student housing, retail and self-storage with more than 560 properties in major cities in the world.


“I wholeheartedly recommend REDA.One to any company seeking to optimize their operational teams and achieve new levels of efficiency. Whether your goal is to enhance occupancy rates, automate tedious tasks, or simply elevate your operational standards, REDA has the expertise and solutions to help you reach your full potential.”

Roberto Sergio Dib,
CFO at Vila11


REDA's Intelligent Solutions:
A Quantum Leap for Brazilian Real Estate Excellence!

When Vila11 initially engaged with REDA, their operational landscape was characterized by multiple disjointed processes. Critical data flowed in from diverse sources without a unified system, leading to a chaotic and unorganized workflow. The inefficiencies in their real estate processes resulted in a significant investment of man-hours, highlighting the pressing need for a streamlined and integrated solution to optimize their operations. For Vila11, success in the Brazilian property market required more than just a software solution; it demanded a strategic partner who could navigate complexities and deliver tangible results.

REDA stepped in to transform this landscape, offering a comprehensive solution to unify processes, centralize data, and drastically improve overall efficiency for Vila11.

Bridging Gaps, Boosting Efficiency: REDA's Bespoke Solutions for Vila11

Automated Inflation Adjustment

100% automated inflation adjustment calculations for rent roll processing

Uses government-provided indexes for calculations

Discount Calculator

Automated calculator for rent discounts

Streamlined approval processes within REDA

Enhances efficiency in discount management

Omni-channel communication including Whatsapp & SMS

Native SMS and Whatsapp communication automation.

Automated communication processes.

Enhances tenant and client engagement

Revenue Forecasting &  Linearization Models

Revenue Forecasting models for advanced analytics capabilities

Linearization for enhanced cash flow analysis

Optimizes financial projections and planning.

Customized Lease Application Forms

Lease Application Forms integrated with  CRM and

Efficient consent management features

Streamlined process automation

Detailed lead information capture

Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening integrated with PH3A

Automated screening processes

Seamless move-in coordination with customer experience team

Integration with Oracle Fusion Accounting

Direct invoice pushing to Vila11's accounting system

Rent roll processing within REDA

Simplified financial synchronization

Speedy & Customized Implementation

Rapid implementation in 1/3rd typical time

Versatile for all market segments: residential to industrial

Compliant & standardized

Entire solution in Portuguese, including mobile app

Accelerated go-live for immediate benefits

Ready, Set, Go: Quick Implementation with REDA's Turnkey Solutions

Crafting Tomorrow: REDA's Forward-Thinking Roadmap for Vila11

Embarking on the next phase of development, REDA is set to revolutionize Vila11's operations by achieving 100% centralization.
This exciting phase marks REDA's commitment to pushing boundaries and creating a holistic, centralized ecosystem for Vila11, setting the stage for unparalleled operational excellence!


Next Steps Unveiled:

Implementing REDA Accounting, elevating financial management for unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Implementing REDA Construction to orchestrate seamless project management, covering estimates, purchase orders, variances, invoices, and more, ensuring construction processes are optimized and transparent.

Powering up Vila11's online presence with an integrated website, driven by the dynamic capabilities of REDA CMS, ensuring a unified and engaging 1digital experience.

Smart Process Automation and BI Implementation to further optimize operational processes, enhancing efficiency and decision-making.

Serasa Integration for fortifying tenant screening and credit checks for comprehensive tenant risk management.

Integrating ChatGPT to provide real-time support, streamline interactions, and offer intelligent assistance for a more responsive user interface.

We bring your employees, stakeholders,  and customers together

Tired of disjointed teams, tasks, and softwares – and related costs (including opportunity cost)? Of watching operations limp along. Want to escape from outmoded, confining legacy softwares and complicated spreadsheets?


Enter REDA. A cloud-based scalable technology platform, powered by Salesforce that connects every last “dot” – streamlining, synchronizing, simplifying, and automating complex tasks as far-flung as accounting, property management, and CRM for ease and outcomes beyond what property managers and developers ever imagined.

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It's easier than ever to scale. A ready-to-use app for almost every digital need!

4,000+ plug-and-play business apps - be a part of the world’s largest digital ecosystem with REDA.

REDA runs on Salesforce, the world's #1 innovative technology platform. It works on any device and easily integrates with your existing tools.

Join us on the journey to hyper-growth with the world’s #1 Real Estate Technology Solution

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