REDA Unleashes the Future:

Automated Pre-Leasing for Swift and Error-Free Operations!

REDA introduces intelligent automation to pre-leasing, optimizing every stage from property showcasing to tenant onboarding.

Navigating the Pre-Leasing Maze: REDA's Solution

From Tedious Tasks to Strategic Triumphs

Coordinating property showings, managing tenant inquiries, avoiding scheduling conflicts, and ensuring timely follow-ups are just a few hurdles in the pre-leasing phase. REDA is uniquely positioned to address these challenges head-on by offering a cohesive, efficient platform.

Intuitive Calendar

Comprehensive Showings Management

Efficient Inspection Management

In the fiercely competitive real estate landscape, cost savings are pivotal. REDA not only expedites processes but slashes operational costs, contributing directly to the bottom line.

Showings Management

Integrated Lease App Forms

Integrated calendars & showings

Notifications & Emails Automation

Integrated CRM

Self-scheduling viewings for tenants

Automated feedback & survey management

Booking Management

End-to-end Calendar Management

Calendar integration with Google & Microsoft

Optimized Time Management

Personalized Alerts & Reminders

On-the-go scheduling with calendar access on mobile

Automated Task Scheduling

Inspection Management

Calendar Integration with REDA CMS &REDA Property Management System

Visual documentation through image uploads for evidence

Inspection Integrity

Process Automation to minimize errors and reduce the time required for inspections

Customizable inspection templates for diverse inspections (move-in, move-out, assets, machinery, etc.)

Time is Money: A Double Win for Real Estate Professionals

Turbocharging Efficiency, Maximizing Productivity

Seamless Information Access

Instant Property Insights: Dive deep into property details, availability, and more directly from REDA's CRM module.

Automated Tenant Communication: Automate responses, highlighting property features and benefits.

User-Centric Experience

Tenant-Centric Showings: A user-friendly interface allows prospects to select and schedule viewings on their terms.

Streamlined Move-In/Out Processes: From inspections to accounting reconciliation, every step is integrated within REDA for a hassle-free experience.

Efficiency at Its Best

Centralized Scheduling: Eliminate overlaps, schedule appointments, and elevate efficiency for both property managers and tenants.

Enhanced Security Measures: Guarantee property safety with features like temporary access codes and digital keys.

Feedback-Driven Excellence

Post-Showing Follow-Ups: After each self-service viewing, REDA prompts managers to engage, gather feedback, and refine the leasing experience further.

We bring your employees, stakeholders,  and customers together

Tired of disjointed teams, tasks, and softwares – and related costs (including opportunity cost)? Of watching operations limp along. Want to escape from outmoded, confining legacy softwares and complicated spreadsheets?

Enter REDA. A cloud-based scalable technology platform, powered by Salesforce that connects every last “dot” – streamlining, synchronizing, simplifying, and automating complex tasks as far-flung as accounting, property management, and CRM for ease and outcomes beyond what property managers and developers ever imagined.

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