5 Questions You'll Want to Know About REDA – ERP For Property Management

If you plan to integrate REDA into your business operations, here are some questions you should know about it as an ERP for property management.

5 Questions You'll Want to Know About REDA – ERP For Property Management

While searching for real estate Salesforce property management software, you are bound to look for a flexible, customizable, and powerful solution. You have to thoroughly analyze the property management software and understand what it can do for your business. 

If you have decided to trust REDA, below are a few important questions that potential clients commonly ask us before they choose us as their property management partner. 

Question 1: Is REDA customizable? If yes, then what does software customization actually mean in Property Management?

Answer: Yes, REDA is customizable, allowing you to do your real estate business the way you want. You can customize workflows, data, templates, and reporting and integrate with any software through an open API. REDA has been designed keeping in mind the need for a high level of flexibility in the operations and, potentially, multiple geographic locations that clients have to manage. 

REDA offers customization with dashboards, custom fields, and reports, empowering you to gather, track and report on anything you want to. Moreover, our solution is scalable, so if your needs change or increase with time, REDA won't limit you and will allow you to make adjustments and scale it as your business changes. 

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Question 2: How Can REDA help businesses with multiple locations?

Answer: The biggest benefit of using REDA is that it allows you to operate from anywhere since it's web-based. You can design the infrastructure in different hierarchies if you have a complex, multi-location business structure. You can also set up unique user profiles to manage the data each team member has access to and what actions they are allowed to execute. 

Question 3: How does REDA make communication easy with tenants and property owners?

Answer: REDA's mobile-friendly web application includes communication tools that allow text messaging and emailing easy for tenants. For property owners, REDA will enable them to schedule reports that they want to send to tenants automatically every month. In simple words, REDA allows omnichannel communication. 

Question 4: How does REDA allow customization of reports for investors and property owners?

Answer: By creating reports from scratch and looking at the highest or lowest levels, you can set up reports to show all you want, which can be further customized and organized by folders. 

Customization of reports begins with the data you want to see, then editing it, filtering, and sorting the data based on the report you want to create. You can do it on the fly and save it at the report level. 

You can schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or custom recurring reports to generate performance reports as often as you want. Also, to get your data for further use and sharing, you can export these reports in both excel and PDF formats. 

REDA also allows you to create visuals with graphs, pie charts, and tables to deliver the most robust report online. 

Question 5: How is REDA different from other Software For Real Estate?

Answer: REDA is an all-in-one online property management solution that supports your property business's unique needs. REDA offers a platform with pioneering differentiators that other software cannot simply match. Some unique features of REDA that make it the best software for commercial real estate are:

  • Automated: REDA lets you save your time, money, and resources by automating everything. Everything will be automated from your team's to-do list, alerts to reports, and fees.
  • Integrated: REDA is a complete, integrated solution that allows property managers and owners to manage the full property management lifecycle in one system, in real time, and seamlessly.
  • Scalable: REDA allows you to expand regionally with ease. While multi-regional expansion and growth, REDA enables property managers to monitor local operations and see holistic reporting.
  • Secure: REDA knows how critical your business data is and our responsibility to protect it. Therefore, our high-tech data center removes all the worries associated with data redundancy, backup monitoring, and diagnostic systems.
  • Supported: REDA provides best-practice training and implementation of its application. We also offer real-time product support services. 

For more information on REDA, feel free to contact us. There is so much more that you can do with REDA. Let's explore!