How Does REDA & Accounting Seed Tie Up Provide Best-in-Class Tailored Accounting Solutions for Real Estate?

How Does REDA & Accounting Seed Tie Up Provide Best-in-Class Tailored Accounting Solutions for Real Estate?

REDA and Accounting Seed have tied up to provide the best Enterprise Accounting tailored for real estate construction companies and property management.Read more!

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REDA and Accounting Seed have tied up to provide the best in class Enterprise Accounting tailored for real estate construction companies and property management. Because REDA and Accounting Seed are built natively on Salesforce, they give you 100% control of your business and remove all data inconsistencies.  

If you wish to have “One Source of Truth,” REDA is the most trusted Property Management software that derives immense workflow automation, consistent reports, and deeper analytics, all powered by one centralized, unified database. By partnering with Accounting Seed, REDA can successfully allow process owners to decide what they actually want. REDA and Accounting Seed collaboration forms a complete accounting project management software that is flexible enough to cater current and future needs of the customers.

REDA and Accounting Seed

Before we discuss the detailed accounting benefits of REDA + Accounting Seed Collaboration, let’s first discover why REDA trusted Accounting Seed as its accounting partner.

Accounting Seed – Top-Rated Native Salesforce Accounting Platform

Accounting Seed is the best to run a business strategically and proactively. It is a robust, innovative financial software solution that completely transforms how you manage your business accounting. Designed for small and mid-sized businesses, Accounting Seed is flexible, collaborative, connected, and trusted

  • Flexible: If your business is unique and complex, Accounting Seed works with your business processes. You can customize and configure it to accomplish your needs and business workflows.
  • Collaborative: You can make better decisions using Accounting Seed as it increases data visibility for all stakeholders, allowing a 360-degree view of your business. With this accounting platform, you can eliminate uncertainties and inaccuracies, thus guiding your business to new heights.
  • Connected: Accounting Seed links business applications and banks to provide end-to-end visibility of your data. The cloud-based software of this platform eliminates silos, giving you a clear picture and allowing you to connect your data from lead generation to revenue generation.
  • Trusted: Backed by the Salesforce platform, Accounting Seed offers secure, reliable API in the industry. This integrated software is the highest-rated accounting solution on Salesforce.

Now that you have understood how Accounting Seed is a good fit for any organization, it’s time to explore how REDA and Accounting Seed can be a big win for real estate businesses.

Billings Engine

You can rent bills, month-to-month charges, late fees, utility bills, and maintenance chargeback. If you need different billing solutions for different states and want varied agreements for different clients, we have it covered! REDA has leveraged Accounting Seed core to deliver a customizable & robust billings engine. The idea of the billing engine is to ensure consistency and above 95% automation, thus reducing mundane tasks & save costs.

 Integrated Banking: REDA offers fully automated integrated banking operations that your accountants just need to monitor. Below are some accounting advantages that you get from the REDA centralized ecosystem.

  • Accounting workflows integrated with approval, CRM & communication workflows.
  • Automated rules-based bank reconciliations.
  • Expense Allocations 
  • Intracompany Transactions
  • Multi Company and Bank Accounts Management 

REDA provides quick, complete banking integration, including one-click payments, payment approval workflows & intra-bank funds movement. 

Billings Engine

Omni-Channel Receivables: REDA has integrated all receivable channels under one roof, which is super efficient. REDA’s out-of-the-box rapid deployment of Stripe payment gateway services and open REST APIs enable seamless integration to any collection channel.

Online: Website, Portals, Scheduled Payments, Multi Payment Methods

  • Offline: Money Orders, Check Scanning, Cash Collections

REDA smart workflow automation reduces mundane tasks. For example, Receipt Voiding, Refunds, NSF Fees, Receipt Applications, Prepayments, etc., is REDA administered and only require monitoring.

Payables - 3 Way Match: REDA enables smart collaboration with your vendors, from inspections to execution of construction/renovation/turn project or work order. Auto-matching vendor invoice items with PO, Inventory Check In’s & Service completion prevents fraud and duplicate payments. Configurable approval processes and workflows minimize the risks and put you in control of cashouts.


banking integration

Inventory & Order Management: Control inventory and ordering, along with your accounting, all on one application. Now, you can use capital more efficiently. REDA & Accounting Seed offers a consolidated purchase order process that’s totally streamlined, saving you time and money.

“The big selling point of centralizing operations in REDA is the return on investment. Especially when you invest so much time and resources, we have to recognize it as a worthwhile investment, not an expense.” 

Adam regel

REDA - Flexible & Future Ready 

Lego and Blockchain inspire REDA processes & data model architecture. That’s why it provides a truly customizable, flexible & scalable ERP that optimizes your current processes and is future-proof. REDA supports Multi Language, Multi-Currency and Multi Ledgers. It is also true project management software for marketing. We believe that technology should not be a barrier to adoption; instead, it should be a facilitator for change, improvement, betterment, and joy of working. GET REDA READY TODAY!

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