Modernize Your Existing ERP System By Replacing It With REDA

Modernize Your Existing ERP System By Replacing It With REDA

When it comes to the property business, an ERP system is the best option for property managers. Let's find out why you should upgrade your old real estate ERP

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Many of us get busy trying to earn more profits in our businesses and simply forget to focus on the things involved in driving the gain. When it comes to property business, many realtors and property managers manage different property-related tasks easily without missing any lead. All thanks to fully-functional ERP for Real Estate – Enterprise Resource Planning solutions helping them manage their properties and leasing well. But have you ever thought of upgrading your existing ERP? Many of us become skeptical of the disruptions that can be caused due to an outdated ERP, which could result in losses and even reduce the benefits of a feature-enabled ERP system.

Let’s introduce you to REDA - YOUR ALL-IN-ONE ERP SOLUTION FOR REAL ESTATE. Before we discuss modernizing your old ERP system and replacing it with REDA, let’s watch this video discussing how REDA folds every aspect of your property management or development business into an easy-to-use cloud-based ERP system.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Old Real Estate ERP?

Below are some reasons why upgrading the existing ERP system with REDA is important.

  1. Higher Quality System: The software world evolves rapidly, and you need to update yourself and your business operations according to the new systems, which are more advanced in features. REDA is an all-in-one ERP solution that comprises the modern yet easy-to-use dashboard. It runs on Salesforce and performs acquisition, accounting, maintenance, CRM, leasing, marketing, and other real estate operations in a single, easy-to-use environment. Therefore, replacing your old ERP with REDA will give you more advanced functionalities and the ability to better analyze and improve your business decisions by increasing accuracy and consistency. 
  2. Improved Business Performance: Property owners and Property Managers use ERP software to get complete access to vital business information and processes. The right ERP solution gives you precise information, allowing you more control over your business and improving its performance. Do you really get the right insights with your old ERP software? If not, switch to REDA, as it is the most advanced ERP solution that can help you resolve all the issues you currently face in your business and keep your performance high. 
  3. Increased Productivity: When you choose the right ERP technology, it could help your workforce perform their daily activities efficiently by significantly reducing the manual processes and setting your team free to focus on revenue-affecting tasks. When you choose REDA as your new ERP software to manage the real estate process, you will be satisfied to know that it has been added with cutting-edge technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation that support automation and intelligent capabilities. This means REDA can do more in less time, thus saving your time, money, and resources. 
  4. Improved Operational Efficiency:  When a property owner or property manager implements an ERP solution organization-wide, there will be a unified platform for managing every process and a single source to generate reports. When you choose to implement REDA in your business operations, you will be impressed by a suite of powerful tools which can be used to gain a deeper analytical insight into your property business. With REDA, you can easily identify the issues; implement improvements to increase your business efficiency. 
  5. Improved Internal Collaborations: REDA ERP solution is ideal for those still using multiple software applications across different departments. A single software streamlines processes and gives you the freedom to provide limited access to stored data as per their job roles and positions. REDA allows data unification, improving communication within different teams, increasing efficiency, and increasing employee engagement. 
  6. Easy Integration With Other Applications: REDA is a modular software with easy integration capabilities. This unique feature of ERP systems lets you choose software components that can work best for your business and exclude those that are not required. REDA integrations to the business allow property owners and managers to create a centralized architecture that could seamlessly connect and transfer data between other systems. This reduces communication delays and bottlenecks and improves data accuracy, helping your business run smoothly and efficiently with minimal human errors.  
  7. Lower Price: Replacing your old ERP technology with REDA will save you a lot over time. When you use outdated technology, it fails to give your desired results, and replacing it with a new one is the best decision, as new technology will improve your business processes as well as productivity. There is no need to manually feed the data when you have the high-tech yet modern system that would permit you to enter information once and is stored in a centralized database for years. All departments can access the data in real time. REDA - Salesforce Property Management software also streamlines redundant tasks. 

Do You Really Need This Upgrade?

If you are not sure whether you need an upgrade or not, we would suggest you go for an evaluation first. Start with listing your business requirements and your need for ERP system modernization. Feel free to connect for a discovery meeting. Book a meeting with smart workflow consultant here. You can also call us at +1 (214) 614-8311 to help us analyze this and guide you during the ERP implementation.

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