Why Is Omnichannel Communication Important In Property Management?

Why Is Omnichannel Communication Important In Property Management?

REDA's omnichannel approach enables property managers to create a robust customer experience across various channels. Check out the blog for more information!

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Nowadays, customers have unprecedented yet multiple ways to engage with real estate firms varying from traditional channels to ever-growing digital modes. Many organizations have invested in digital channels to replace digital modes of communication and engagement. They consider that their customers have become technologically savvy, and they favor digital engagement, significantly reducing the need for agents. Digital modes have also reduced significant costs, and many firms have expected to save more than 40% by lowering live contacts.

Several real estate companies often fail across digital channels as they are not completely aware of the real needs and preferences of customers. Companies seeking to keep pace must embark on omnichannel communication to understand where they have gone wrong in their engagement strategies. Every touchpoint of the customer journey is carefully seen and analyzed. Earlier, property managers used to connect with customers through a call or in person. But now, personal interaction has been replaced with digital ones such as email, telephony, and websites. Omnichannel communication has led to a unified approach in design, strategy, and customer experience across different channels.

But before we discuss the benefits of omnichannel communication, let’s first find out what omnichannel communication actually is and how it can help in property management?

What Is Omnichannel Communication?

It is a multichannel approach for seamlessly engaging and communicating with customers. It is a unique way to create an integrated experience for your customers on each and every channel. Realtors and property managers can adopt this strategy to provide a seamless sales and service experience to their customers, as it is undoubtedly the most effective strategy for property management. In this, the multichannel sales approach is curated to provide an unparalleled experience to the customers.

There are several advantages of omnichannel communication & marketing in Property Management. These include:

Building Trust

Property Managers use an appropriate channel to promote their real estate products and increase their exposure among targeted customers. This helps them increase their brand visibility and build trust with the prospects by forming an emotional connection with the brand.

Saves Time

Omnichannel helps prospects gather all relevant information about the company, its products, and past customer experiences. This helps them make a quick decision, rather than conversing over it for a long time.

Increase Conversions

When property managers or real estate owners promote their business and its products through ads or any other way on different channels, this helps in forging a memory in the customer’s mind. This makes your customer inclined towards you and your business product, thereby increasing sales and overall revenue.

Real-Time Collaboration And Communication With REDA – Best CRM For Property Management

Real estate businesses use different digital mediums to promote their upcoming/vacant properties and entice prospects. If you choose collaborative communication, it enables you, your team, residents, and stakeholders to work in the way they want by offering them open and intelligent workflows. Even if you have a distributed team within or outside your organization, you won’t face any management issues. Real-time collaboration can be achieved only through a software solution such as property management ERP software which will make you and your distributed teams feel like they are part of one cohesive team, which will further:

  • Drive Productivity
  • Accelerate Innovation
  • Share knowledge
  • Take action anywhere

REDA is one such software for Property Management that allows property managers and real estate businesses real-time collaboration and get real-time results. REDA’s omnichannel publishing approach enables property managers to create a strong customer experience through different channels. No matter where your customers find you, their experience doesn’t derail on whichever channel. Our software lets your customer journey feel, sound, and look the same on each channel.

Omni-Channel Communication with REDA

REDA Property Management CRM facilitates communication between property managers and buyers/tenants, which is important as ever. Discussing drive-up closings and running online auctions, everything requires the deployment of multiple communication channels in one solution.

REDA is a CRM system with multiple integrations and can be your go-to solution. Different features and functionalities let property managers quickly reply to customers’ requests, keeping all communication activity records safe in one place. Let’s find out how!

  • Email: With advanced email marketing services such as drip marketing and workflow setup, you can stay on top of your customer’s mind throughout the buying journey. Send the correct information through emails directly from REDA at just the right time, either individually or in bulk, or even schedule them for later. Also, whether you’re managing leasing service or accounting, you can share any information with your team within REDA with just a click. Instead of moving quickly to a different solution to compose an email, you can send all your emails in REDA.
  • Text Messaging: REDA Integrates messaging with your CRM, allowing you to carry out conversations through text messaging. It is the easiest and hassle-free way to connect with your audience.
  • Live Chat: REDA allows you to initiate a personalized conversation with the customer through the live chat feature. Based on how a customer or prospect engages with your website, you can initiate the conversion and provide the best possible help to convert the lead soon. REDA also offers multilingual support, allowing you to deliver the same great enterprise chat support worldwide.
  • Telephony Integration: You can integrate Telephony with REDA, giving you an easy interface to access your CRM data, along with your digital telephone. This means you can make and receive calls directly from within REDA, irrespective of your location.
  • Templates: You can use email templates available in REDA to increase productivity and make certain consistency in messaging. Email templates with combined features let you send emails fast, including field data from REDA records like Service Request, Leases, Leads, Work Orders, and much more.
  • Communication Workflows: Our customizable & flexible communication workflows let you automate more than 75% of communication responsibilities. With REDA communication automation, you can save 1 hour/day/employee. This is HUGE!
  • Integrations: Out-of-the-box integration with Google and Microsoft services synchronizes your emails, events, and tasks to customers and contacts in REDA.
  • Mobile Application: With Salesforce Mobile Application, you will always have all the vital information right at your fingertips. Your employees can revise and synchronize the information on the go, sharing real-time data from across the business.
  • Survey Management: You can create appealing, user-friendly surveys with a simple editor to gather your users' or customers' feedback and information.

Feel free to contact us and discuss the processes you want to automate or streamline. We can definitely find a solution to your problem, considering that the REDA Salesforce tool folds every last aspect of your property management into an easy-to-use cloud-based program.

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