Unleashing the power of collaboration !

Centralized Operations

Construction projects can be complex, with many moving parts and a high degree of coordination required between different teams and stakeholders.

Our construction software offers a centralized platform for all your project management needs. With features such as project estimation, planning and scheduling, budgeting, resource allocation, collaboration, communication, and documentation, our software provides everything you need to manage your construction projects from start to finish in a one easy to use accessible environment.

Everything under one roof !

Whether you're a construction project manager, contractor, or owner, REDA - Construction is the ideal solution for streamlining your project management. Contact us today to learn more about our software and how it can help you achieve better project outcomes.

Improved efficiency & coordination

With REDA - Construction, manage and monitor all operations from a single source, reducing duplicity and improving coordination between different units.

A survey by PlanGrid found that 55% of construction professionals said that centralizing project data would improve their ability to track project progress.

Better control & decision making

REDA - Contruction enables greater visibility and control over processes, making it easier to identify and resolve issues and to make informed decisions.

According to a report by FMI Corporation, companies that adopt centralized project management solutions see a 10-15% improvement in productivity

Increased standardization and consistency

With REDA - Construction, standardize processes and ensure that all activities follow a consistent set of rules and procedures.

Implement, enforce and, optmize your SOPs with a scalable, flexible no-code automations builder.

Enhanced data management & analysis

REDA - Construction makes it easier to collect and analyze data from multiple departments, leading to better decision-making and improved outcomes. 

With point & click report builder, easily generate reports for key metrics enabling you to put your employees and resources to highest & best use.

Cost savings

REDA - Construction reduces mundane tasks, data duplicity and streamlining processes, centralized operations that helps reduce costs and increase efficiency.A study by PwC found that construction businesses that adopt centralized digital platforms see a 14% increase in revenue and a 10% reduction in costs