Enjoy automation in your general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable, orders and inventory, financial reporting, and more


Native Enterprise Accounting

REDA and Accounting Seed have partnered to provide best-in-class Enterprise Accounting tailored for Real Estate Construction & Property Management.

Both REDA and Accounting Seed are built natively on Salesforce. This enables you to be in 100% control of your business. Derive immense workflow automations, consistent reports and deeper analytics, all powered by one centralized unified database.

Billings Engine

Rent bills, late fees, month to month charges, utility bills, maintenance chargebacks... the list is long. These charges can vary from state-to-state and agreement-to-agreement. We have it covered for you!

REDA has leveraged Accounting Seed core functionality to deliver a very customizable & robust billings engine. The whole idea of this billing engine is to ensure consistency and above 95% automation, thus reducing mundane tasks & saving costs. This makes REDA the best and most trusted accounting software for real estate business.

Integrated Banking

REDA has everything you need to oversee the governance, management, accounting, and communications for the Condominiums, COOP's, Homeowner Associations, Body Corporates and Stratas you serve.

Accounting workflows integrated with approval, CRM & communication workflows

Automated rules based bank reconciliations

Multi Company and Bank Accounts Management

Intracompany Transactions Management

Expense Allocations

REDA provides quick complete banking integration as a service, which includes one click payments, payment approval workflows & intra bank funds movement.

Omni-Channel Receivables

Integrate all receivable channels into one seamless workflow. REDA’s out of the box rapid deployment of Stripe payment gateway services and open REST APIs enable seamless integration to any collection channels.

Online - Website, Portals, Scheduled Payments, Multi Payment Methods

Offline - Money Orders, Check Scanning, Cash Collections

REDA smart workflow automations reduce mundane tasks, including: receipt voiding, refunds, NSF fees, receipt applications and prepayments. All you need to do is monitor the activity. REDA administers it for you.

3-Way Match Payables

REDA enables smart collaboration with your vendors starting from inspections through execution of construction/renovation/turn project or a work order.

Auto matching of vendor invoice items with PO, Inventory Check In’s & Service completion prevents fraud and duplicate payments.

Configurable approval processes and workflows minimize risks and put you in control of cash outputs.

Inventory & Order Management

Use capital more efficiently. REDA & Accounting Seed facilitates a consolidated purchase order process that is streamlined to save you time and money. Control inventory and ordering, along with your accounting, all on one accounting software for real estate business.