REDA Paperless Automations

Decrease carbon footprint and achieve improved document automation

Leverage enhanced efficiency, cost savings, accessibility, security, environmental sustainability, compliance and superior client experience with REDA Paperless Automations.


Data Audit Trail


Native Document Generation


Increase tasks automation

Paperless automation REDA

Security and Speed you need for Enterprise

Empower your organization with the fastest, easiest and most secure document generator and e-signature solution built on the Salesforce Platform. Create and e-sign sophisticated documents that improve efficiency, reduce errors and eliminate tedious work.

Document Templates

100% native document template editor with support for data merge to address all of your document requirements seamlessly.

E-Signature Workflows

Achieve a seamless, connected, secure and intuitive e-sign experience integrated with your core processes like CRM, leasing, property management etc.

Process Automation

Maximise employee productivity by taking automated actions based on the execution steps of your e-sign documents.

E-Signatures - Compliant with Audit Trail

Sign in Person On Virtually Any Device
Capture multiple types of data
Write data back to Salesforce felds
Run Salesforce validation rules on your document
Customizable signer profiles
Customizable expiration and reminder emails
Text to Signature

REDA Paperless Automation point-and-click configuration and process automation tools empowers you to optimize your agreement executions and consent management that is tailored for business & your growth plans.

Take REDA with you & on-the-go !

Dedicated “customizable” mobile app empowers you to take your office to the hiking trip adventure !
Manage all your business, approvals, metrics & notifications right from dedicated mobile app.

Available on iOS and Android marketplace. 

Integrated Microsoft & Google services

Our integrated Microsoft and Google services allows you to truly centralize your communications and calendar management.

Ready to deploy plugins for Microsoft Outlook  syncs all your emails, tasks and meetings at one place that too connected with CRM processes. Awesome, isn’t it?


Integrate, Intract and Monitor Data with Ease 

Open APIs offered by REDA platform provide developers with the flexibility to extend the capabilities of the REDA platform, integrate with external applications, build custom solutions, and automate business processes. 

Property managers on REDA can do 150% more !

“REDA has allowed our company to continue to scale, become more efficient, and develop more productive processes without the need for additional resources. The ability to use REDA in our Property Management company has ensured the best quality of residents for our investors.”
Tarah Klein
Operations Manager 
5000+ units
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REDA runs on Salesforce, the world's #1 innovative technology platform. It works on any device and easily integrates with your existing tools.

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