REDA Construction ERP Features

Efficient technology for scaling your construction business

Say “NO” to using multiple softwares, complex spreadsheets, doing costly mistakes, data duplications and process redundancies. Say “YES” to REDA !


Redundant Tasks


Paperless Operations


Faster Deployments

From “A to Z” - streamline your construction management to eliminate 100% mundane and redundant tasks

Project Estimates & Planning

Implement, execute and leverage process standardizations to cut down time for doing estimates and project planning by 55%.

Standardization of labor and material type/costs

Contract rates management and one click application to estimates.

Template driven estimate calculations

Integrated RFQ management with embedded variance control and approvals processes.

Project Scheduling and Execution

With REDA, shorten your project timelines through a productivity boost driven by enhanced collaboration, communication, and proactive risk mitigation

Create AI driven project schedules from approved estimates in one click operations.

Cut down project scheduling time by 40% by defining, using and reusing project templates.

Project team management for improved communication, collaboration and productivity.

Seamless time cards and expense management allows you minimize costly leakages.

Real time Gantt charts, reports and project dashboards.

Budget Management and Controls

Be in control of your budget planning and controls with embedded budget planning with job estimations process.

Create project budgets in one click operation.

Budgets heads management and automated expense controls.

Streamline budget contingencies and approvals.

Budget draws requests and escrow management.

Budget tracking, reports and dashboards

Enterprise Project Accounting

Put your accounting processes on steroids with REDA native accounting automation capabilities.

Out of the box setup for job cost accounting.

Both cash and accrual basis accounting setup

Multiple setup for contractor payments - PCM (Percentage Completion Method), Cost-to-Cost, Unit of Delivery etc..

Create accurate client invoices in one click operations.

Banking integrations to streamline receivables and payables.

Cash flow management and financial reports.

CRM and Productivity

Efficient Communication + Effective Collaboration = Proactive Risk Management

Powered by centralized one source of truth!

Ensure a great digital experience so that your clients and other stakeholders feel valued valued and understood, irrespective of the platform or channel they reach out on.

REDA point-and-click interface configuration and process automation tools empower you to tailor optimized experiences for your employees, clients and partners. 


Client Centric

Empowering you with world leading CRM technology and tools.

Configurable Portal Accounts & Contacts Management tools.

Sales pipeline management.

Inspections Templates & Assignments

Organized response to bids and estimations.

Opportunity analysis and revenue forecasting.

Communication templates.

Omni channel communications.

Integrated with Google and Microsoft services.

Single Sign On


Employee Centric

Stay focussed, organized and on top of your game with industry leading productivity tools.

Task & Event management.

Calendar Management.

Document generation templates.

Electronic Signatures

Centralized document management.

Complete Paperless Operations.

Task tracking and escalations.

Targetted Cost Savings

People Centric

Be Omnipresent and Collaborate Anytime and Anywhere!

Follow project updates.

Share information and data in real-time.

Create user groups.

Data driven notification rules

Tag people and data.

AI driven notifications.

And very important - socialize with your team.

Increased Employee productivity
REDA Construction ERP

Secure, Intuitive & Compliant Digital Experience

“Powered by one centralized source of truth!”

Provide an outstanding digital journey that leaves your clients and stakeholders feeling appreciated and comprehended, regardless of the platform or channel they select for interaction. With REDA's point-and-click interface configuration and process automation tools, you gain the capability to tailor and enhance experiences for your workforce, clients, and collaborators, all while upholding security and compliance standards

User Adoption

Built on the world's largest and most innovative business technology ecosystem, Salesforce, REDA users report a very high degree of system adoption and ease of operations. 

46% of the respondents reported above 90% adoption rates.

Global Data Search” reduces 30% navigation time.

Endless customization options allow you to tailor the REDA interface for optimum user ease and productivity.

User Adoption Metrics reports and dashboards enable you to monitor system adoption and execute improvements seamlessly.

Client Portal

REDA empowers your clients to digitally access the project updates, invoices, real-time notifications and much more in a secure yet intuitive way.  

Configurable portal builder tools.

Client data sharing and access controls.

Embedded Approval processes.

Project updates & notifications.

Invoice Payments

Knowledge Base management. 

Client requests resolution and management.

Vendor Portal

Streamline your vendor / subcontractor management processes and facilitates communication, collaboration, and transparency between you and your partners.

Configurable and branded portal experience.

Banking & Insurance Management.

Share RFQ & Project requests digitally.

Project Assignment & Tracking

Risk logging Management

Purchase Order and Payment Requests.

Job cost and variances management.

Invoice controls & approvals.

Reports & Dashboards


Can all your business and operations management fit in your palms - Yes, it can !  

REDA mobile app provides you with full visibility, control and authority on your day to day operations on-the-go.

What people are saying

“Since making the change to REDA, my monthly reporting process has gone down by 60%. I can now get data from all sources out of REDA, making our process more efficient and robust. After deploying REDA all the teams and members can work closely and in highly efficient manner.”
Richard Neel
Accounting Controller
30+ years real-estate experience 

#1 Value of Trust

REDA, built on the Salesforce platform, adheres to multiple sets of compliance certifications and attestations ensuring you industry-best, secure digital operations.

Configurable data access and permissions setup. 

Security policy implementation.

Data history and update tracking.

System setup audit trail.

Sandbox environment for development and testing. 

Change management controls.

Login history reports.

Data validation and duplication rules.

100% Paperless Operations

Digitize, innovate, and minimize your carbon footprint. By doing so, you’ll not only reduce operational costs but also expedite the execution of agreements, all while benefiting the environment.

Generate documents on the fly using document templates. 

Point and click native document template builder with support to merge fields and relational data. 

Embedded E-sign workflows.Track e-sign envelope progress and automate data or communication actions.

Capture form data to collect info directly from e-sign envelopes. 

Secure, Native and Compliant.

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