Fully integrated and connected templates for document generation and e-signatures with enhanced security features, workflow tracking, and centralized storage


Documents and signature requirements are an important and unavoidable part of the business, but it doesn’t have to bog you down in paperwork or slow down important transactions. REDA has created fully integrated and connected templates for document generation and e-signatures. This allows you to capture information from e-agreements and e-signatures to derive seamless workflows.

Property & Portfolio Management

Owner Portfolio Statements

Property Management Agreements

Billings Generation & Receivables

Schedulable Data Snapshots

Job Monitoring & Reporting

Blockchain-based Analytics

Leasing Marketing & Prospects

Online Lease Applications

Tenant Screenings & Credit Check

Lease Agreement Templates & Electronic Signatures

"No matter who your clients are, or where they are located, users are accustomed to the e-signature experience, and prefer the convenience of signing a document right from their phone or tablet."

Jon Leslie

Implementation Specialist