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Reduce no-shows with Self-Showings with remote ID verification, automatically suggest similar properties nearby and effortlessly screen every prospect

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Minimize risks of non-payment, tenant eviction, property damage, and get the complete picture with SafeRent resident screening reports.

Applicant Management

Online Lease Applications

Tenant Screenings & Credit Check

Application Fees Billings & Receivables

Credit Report & Score

Eviction and Address History

Multi-State Criminal & Sex Offender

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Lease Management

One-click Conversion from Leasing Prospect

Configurable Leasing Journey

Resident Portal

Term-based Rent Setup

Administration & Move In Charges

Recurring Charge Setup & Billings

Lease Agreement Templates & Electronic Signatures

Late Fees Setup & Billings

Move-In and Move-Out Checklist

Terminations & Evictions Management

Misc Charges and Credit Memos

Renewal Opportunities Automations

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Marketing & Lead Management

Prospect Tracking Dashboard

Property Dashboards

Leasing Opportunties Dashboards

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“I want the staff doing their highest and best use. What I've been able to eliminate are all of the repetitive admin tasks. Those tasks have mostly gone away.”

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Adam Etessami

VP of Acquisitions at Gorijan Acquisitions


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