Digital Transformation: How Paperless Business Operations with REDA ERP Solution Can Help?

Digital Transformation: How Paperless Business Operations with REDA ERP Solution Can Help?

If you want paperless business operations, REDA SalesForce, a real estate CRM, is the most effective solution for managing properties without paper.

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Whether you're ready or not, the Digital Transformation Economy is here, and the fusion of cloud computing and mobility has sparked a digital boom. Since consumers may access the internet from various devices at any time, they create vast amounts of data. REDA SalesForce real estate CRM is the most effective solution to digitizing property management, eliminating paper. 

Therefore, organizations must efficiently collect, manage, and harness data for decisions. Starting getting rid of paper-based procedures can be done through automatic PDF generation (for applications, notices, and leases, e.g.) and with a collection of electronic signatures. With a suitable ERP system, the creation and execution of documents can be automated. A digital signature on paper can automatically launch a process, such as billing or assigning an organization's post-signing tasks. Organizations that have undergone a digital transformation where information or material can be quickly searched, retrieved, and assembled have processes that are easier to adopt, more economical, and more advantageous for both staff and customer experience.

Let's Check out the 5 benefits of this digital transformation by using REDA CRM:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: Finding and comprehending information in seconds can improve the productivity and image of your business. In a time when most solutions are simply a few keystrokes away, sifting through mountains of paper takes time and slows reaction time.
  • Cost savings: One of the key justifications for becoming paperless is the cost of physical storage. You can free up a good deal of storage space and put it to use in another, more helpful way.
  • Collaboration and improved customer experience: Going paperless enhances internal and external collaboration capacity. You can sign documents electronically without waiting if you have consent. Just move forward with a click. Spend less time and avoid the stress of paperwork.
  • Enhanced data accuracy and security: By limiting access to every file to only certain people, going paperless will help you better comply with new data compliance regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Multiple backups are possible on-site and off-site, and data protection and recovery are enhanced.
  • Ecologically sound: Considering the business ramifications of your environmental effect in today's environmentally conscious culture is crucial. Going paperless minimizes the number of precious resources your company uses. Additionally, this enhances your environmental reputation with customers and the general public.

What does it mean to go paperless?

The epidemic has hastened technology development that will lower costs and boost output. Going paperless is essential for digitizing the mailroom staff. Even though it might not be possible for every firm to completely do away with paper, a minor reduction will result in cost savings and improved productivity. Here are a few benefits organizations of all sizes can receive from going paperless.

digital documentation
  • Better Customer Experience - The ability for customers to finish papers anytime, anywhere, on any device, thanks to the use of digital documents, improves the customer experience.
  • Increased Productivity and Service-Level Agreement (SLA) - Utilizing digital documents would improve the SLA and productivity by reducing customer turnaround time from days to hours by eliminating all human operations.
  • Seamless Integration - Most digital document systems offer out-of-the-box integration with well-known CRM programs. With the help of the APIs provided by digital document products, integration is possible even if your company employs a custom customer relationship management program.
  • Collaboration is facilitated - Going paperless also improves your internal and external collaboration capacity. Optical character recognition (OCR) of PDFs or automated form filling are two techniques that can speed up processing and decrease processing time. The potential for ongoing improvement organizations can spot and fix process bottlenecks using the reports and statistics that accompany digital documents.
  • Enhanced Security and Legal Compliance - By going paperless, businesses may comply with new data compliance laws, e.g., the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), by limiting access to every file to only designated users. Additionally, multiple backups can be made on-site and off-site, and data recovery and protection capabilities have been enhanced. In several nations, including the United States, the European Union, Australia, Canada, Israel, Ireland, China, Kuwait, India, etc., digital documents and electronic signatures are now permitted. Most digital document products comply with COPPA, FERPA, and HIPPA regulations.
  • Reduce operating costs - Because using digital documents requires less or no human work, operational costs are reduced. 

The following are the main impediments to digital transformation listed

  • Inadequate resources: You should be prepared for an early period of uncertainty when commencing a company transformation as your workers learn how to change their operations. During that period, you'll likely have limited resources, meaning you'll need to decide which digital projects will make your firm a success. Too many ongoing digital projects cause a breakdown in departmental communication, which could delay or prevent the timely implementation of important initiatives. With REDA, any new hires can get up to speed faster if they are immediately immersed in every aspect of your real estate strategic objective.
  • Buy-In on Every Level: Organizations require buy-in at all levels for digital transformation programs to be effective. Executive support is essential, but more is needed. Company-wide shifts need employee buy-in to stick, even if they support reform efforts. Employees can only perceive new working methods as solutions to increase their productivity and simplify their duties with widespread engagement. Executives must therefore set an example by embracing their transformations, adopting new technology as productivity tools that make work more accessible—not as shiny items that distract them from what matters: providing value for consumers.
  • Technology Selection: Technology is one of the most frequent obstacles to digitalization, but it doesn't mean you should give up and give up. There are many challenges in the path of your effective transformation, but you can get through them all with some careful planning and creative thinking. REDA has proved to be the top property management CRM and has helped the firm's digital transformation.
  • Understanding the ERP Solution: Property management is a challenging and competitive industry. Automated, user-friendly solutions, such as property management software, are essential due to the amount of data that needs to be handled. Real estate ERP software gives sales and rental professionals tools to help them in their everyday work. REDA property management software has been a faithful virtual assistant in managing the various activities and comprehensive data that must be processed to make their real estate activity lucrative.

The Key Components of property management ERP

Let's check out the advantages of implementing this type of real estate software.

  • Lease Management: The simplicity it provides for managing real estate leases is unquestionably the beauty of using such software. When opting for crm, Lease management should be the priority. You can find all the lease details in one location, including the lease terms, when to renew the lease, how much the rent will be each month, and other information. You can access this information from anywhere with just a click.
  • Creating and updating reports: REDA allows you to edit, create and check essential pieces at any stage of your management cycle and acquire detailed information on your sales success thanks to its database functions. The development of your firm's portfolio, the upcoming trends in the market in the coming months/days, the tasks that need to be scheduled, and the needs of your clients immediately, thanks to a rich and illustrative dashboard.
  • Marketing: Marketing becomes completely automated by incorporating this technology into your business; this is one of the surprising features of REDA ERP software that is frequently overlooked. Due to the database's structure, property management software substantially simplifies developing and planning marketing campaigns. You can segregate your clientele depending on seasonal offers, create an automated mail template, and automatically push content to list sites. Additionally, the automation of marketing-related duties also allows you to accumulate pertinent data on the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Invoicing: This is a crucial feature when using property management software. Your management solution handles all of the many components of invoicing, including creating the customer account, billing, payment receipts, payment reminders, and proper accounting.

There are many more; we discuss the advantages of using an ERP in real estate; it provides higher barriers to fraud and helps in timely lead generation. It also offers real-time updates to maintenance requests. 

ERP in real estate

How a REDA ERP solution integrates with other business technologies

Project planning, governmental permissions, site selection, budget planning, construction, etc., are a few of the complexities to address well. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions can offer profitable opportunities and in-depth knowledge of these activities. Workflows become more complex when firms expand since there are more personnel and activities, which leads to an increase in both. Businesses in the real estate industry with a global presence require an ERP system that can streamline procedures, which boosts output and profits with work in any or multiple currencies simultaneously.

Real-Time Information Access: Data maintenance is one of an ERP system's essential functions. In addition to allowing for various data points, the system refreshes information in real time, informing all stakeholders promptly. Avoiding data duplication and, more importantly, synchronizing various company operations helps with vital business choices.

Offers Significant Insights: Most software can manage data, but an ERP system's capacity to deliver dynamic, personalized, and real-time reporting makes it more valuable. 

A Comprehensive System: When a company is still in its early stages, relying on many tools to handle various elements of the business may be acceptable. As it expands, there is an increasing need to combine all of the processes under one roof that can handle the demands and procedures of a developing company. 

•  Automation: The different facets of the real estate industry, including finances, sales, leads, rentals, projects, and engineering, are all integrated by a robust ERP system. What used to take hours of human labor can now be finished in a single click. Saving time and resources inevitably boosts profitability, which is every business's ultimate goal.

Mr. Adam Regel, the CFO& Co-owner of the JWB property management & Real estate capital, says that REDA is the best return on investment as it provides a centralized operation. It acts as a one-stop solution inside the salesforce. He also adds that REDA is not an expense but a worthwhile investment. We grew by about 20% last year, ending the year with fewer people than we started directly because of things implemented through REDA.

Their project manager Richard Neel says," What differentiates from others is their ability to communicate, function and problem solve on both sides of the fence. REDA understands the lingo of our business and can convert it into technology, programming, and development behind the scenes at the highest level without bogging us down. It's impressive; It's very impressive."

Let's check out how it benefitted them:

In Phase 1, Commercial Real Estate Crm, leasing, and acquisition modules were implemented. Centralized CRM operations for all business sectors and verticals, including Real Estate Capital, Property Management Clients, Investors, and Owners, were vital success indicators.

They are letting agencies could rent out twice as many houses because of contactless showings, integrated application forms, tenant screenings, and omnichannel workflow-driven communication flows.

The Property Management and Work Orders modules of REDA were centrally located during In Phase 2- Managing work orders, renewals, evictions, and other property management tasks, as well as the management of paperwork and agreements, were all streamlined as key success indicators, with the phase-2 installation of REDA, the Property Managers managed 2.5 times more properties than they could before the installation of REDA. In Phase 3, the primary goals were implementing accounting routines and streamlining banking procedures. Accounting processes, including bank reconciliation and direct banking linkage for payouts, were 95% automated. Since 2017, JWB has nearly doubled the number of properties under management, although it still employs about the same number of people.


Installing REDA ERP software allows one to go paperless and work smoothly without missing any updates or searching for documents here and there. It's a simple one-step solution to all your and your client's needs.

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