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REDA Centralized document management offers a system for organizing, storing, retrieving, and managing all documents and files in a single, secure location for easy access and collaboration.

Optimized management of all digital content -  documents, agreements & notes

REDA Constructions helps construction company in implementing a centralized document management system that allows project managers, architects, engineers, and contractors to access and collaborate on all relevant project documents, including blueprints, contracts, change orders, and meeting notes.

Additionally, it also helps in optimizing resource allocation, and improving project transparency and accountability.

REDA improve efficiency, reduce the risk of errors or delays, and better track and manage project progress.

Native dynamic template-based document generation & communications

With REDA centralized document management construction companies could use a template-based system for progress reports, which could be automatically populated with data from project management software such as a schedule or budget.
The progress reports are generated and distributed to stakeholders on a regular basis to provide updates on the project's status.

Global search for documents

REDA features of a global search for documents help users quickly locate project-related documents such as blueprints, contracts, permits, and other important records.

For example, a construction project manager could use a document management system with global search functionality to quickly find a specific change order related to a construction project. By entering a keyword or phrase related to the change order, such as the project name or the contractor's name, the system would search all relevant documents and return a list of matching results.

In addition to improving efficiency, global search for documents in construction can also help reduce errors and increase transparency. By making it easier for users to find and access the information they need, construction projects can be completed more efficiently, with fewer mistakes and delays.

Document Version Management

REDA ensures that all project stakeholders have access to the latest versions of project documents, plans, and specifications. The process involves maintaining a clear and organized record of all revisions made to the project documents, tracking changes and updates, and ensuring that all stakeholders are working from the same version.

Access & Permissions Management

REDA ensures that each stakeholder has access only to the relevant project documents, plans, and specifications. It helps to manage access and permissions in a construction project efficiently. For instance, document management software can allow project managers to create user groups and assign specific access levels to each group, ensuring that each stakeholder can access only the documents they need to perform their tasks.

Knowledge Base management

REDA out-of-the-box Knowledge base management help to manage knowledge bases in a construction project efficiently. For example, a knowledge base management system creates, organizes, and manages the knowledge base content, ensuring that project stakeholders can quickly find the information they need.With REDA, the knowledge base can be created for a construction project to provide information on project-related topics, such as project timelines, materials, equipment, and safety procedures. 

This knowledge base can be organized into categories and subcategories, making it easier for stakeholders to find the information they need

Document libraries for organizing all digital content

REDA document library provides a centralized location where all project-related documents can be stored, shared, and accessed by stakeholders involved in the project.track changes and revisions to project documents. 

The REDA document library can maintain a history of changes and revisions to each document, making it easy to track document versions and ensuring that stakeholders are always working with the latest version of the document.