Manage your user portals and your entire website including design, content creation, forms and data, all within your Salesforce account

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With REDA CMS you can host your entire website within REDA, making it seamlessly integrated with CRM and process workflows like leasing application, payments, listings, search etc while capturing information on the uploaded document/content. REDA CMS allows you to make your site completely dynamic as it allows real time updates with version control management.

Meta-Rich Content Management in Real Time

Property Views

Floorplan Sketches

Site Maps

SEO Website Descriptions

Meta Tags

Real-Time Updates

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Automatically Extract Information from Uploaded Documents


Proofs of Income

Identification Documents

Proofs of Insurance

Background & Screening

Credit Report

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To holistically change how we sell, service and engage our customers, we needed to move from a patchwork of systems to a platform approach. Salesforce has helped to transform our business.”

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Tomasz Kurczyk

Chief Transformation and Digital Officer, Axa Singapore


Your business is #REDAready